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uniques chapter 4

uniques block one

what was introduced to protect the safety and health of workers? Occupational safety and health administration (OSHA)
For Air Force construction, the AFOSH standards are outlined in which manual? Army Corps of Engineer manual
what are hazardous materials? any material capable of destroying life or harming humans. proper disposal is governed by public law and AF policy
container any portable device for transporting/storing.
generator anyone who produces hazardous waste
storage temporary holding of hazardous waste
disposal permanent removal of waste from storage site or work site
4 ways of hazardous waste handling 1. fire hazard 2. corrosive 3. reactive 4. toxic
how to dispose of hazardous waste 1. use it 2. recycle it 3. neutralize it 4. dispose of it
2 types of storage points 1. initial-holds 55gal transferred within 3 days 2. accumulation-inspected weekly until disposed of in 90 days
lead based paint hazard banned in 1978, used in paint, poisoning hazard when old or damaged
permissible exposure limit max level without protection, if exceeded:operations must stop, limit=50 micrograms/ m3 for 8 hr period
action level level requires caution limit=30 micrograms/m3
asbestos hazard *serpentine- most common (chrystotile-white) *amphibole- less frequent
Created by: kpellman10
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