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cancer treatment 19

Ch.19 cancer treatment

cryosurgery malignant tissue is frozen and thus destroyed
electrocauterization malignant tissue is destroyed by burning
en bloc resection tumor is removed along with a large area of surrounding tissue containing lymph nodes
excisional biopsy removal of tumor and a margin of normal tissue
exenteration wide resection involving removal of tumor, its organ or origin and all surrounding tissue in the body space
fulguration destruction of tissue by electric sparks generated by a high-frequency current
incisional biopsy piece of tumor is removed for examination to establish a diagnosis
brachytherapy implantation of small, scaled containers of seeds of radioactive material directly into the tumor (interstitial therapy), or in close proximity to the tumor (intracavitary therapy)
electron beams low-energy beams for treatment of skin or surface tumors
external beam radiation (teletherapy) radiation applied to a tumor from a distant source (linear accelerator)
fields defined areas that are bombarded by radiation
fractionation a method of dividing radiation into small repeated doses rather than providing fewer large doses
gray (Gy) unit of radiation equal too 100 rad (radiation dose absorbed by the tissue)
linear accelerator a large electric device that produces high-energy x-ray (or photon) beams for the treatment of deep-seated tumors
proton therapy highly focused, high-energy irradiation
rad radiation absorbed dose
radiocurable tumor tumor that can be completely eradicated by radiation therapy
radioresistant tumor tumor that requires large doses of radiation to produce death of the cells
radiosensitive tumor tumor in which irradiation can cause the death of cells without serious damage to surrounding tissue
radiosensitizers drugs that increase the sensitivity of tumors to x-rays
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