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3D051 Vol 1

CDC 3D051 Unit 1-5

The Air Force Portal provides essential online resources for the Air Force at a single location, and it also does the following except? provide faster, reliabe service
Who is the approval authority for the publinc Web pages? Unit Commander
What information is required for all top-level private Web pages? Web page maintainer's organization, commerical and DSN phone number, and email.
Who is the approval authority for the private Web pages? Unit Commander
What is the primary prupose of managing Air Force information? Effectively and efficiently enhance the Air Force mission
Which of the following are ways we manage information in support of information resources management? Security and privacy
What stage of the life cycle management provides preservation? Storage
What is the objective of the electronic communications program? Create clear, efficient, and effective communications
Which plain language element emphasizes the need to put your main message up front? Logical organization
Which plain language element reinforces the message that the document is intended for the reader? Pronouns
On the average, about what percentage of communication do you write in active voice to communicate effectively? 75
Which is not a Form Memorandum? Fill out
What type of Air Force correspondence receives the most indorsements? Memorandums
What typpe of memorandum for record is an in-house document to record information that would otherwise not be recorded in writing? Separate page
Multipurpose written briefs that provide information, forward items of interest, or summarize problems are? bullet background papers
Who has the responsibility to ensure the intended receiver receives the tasking? Sender
When an AutoArchive storage process is used what type of folder is created? Personal
Once an item is archived how is it deleted? Manually
What must you do with unsealed containers endorsed "DO NOT FORWARD" that remain in action offices at the close of business? Store in a classified storage container
Which mail class is for use only by authorized publishers and registered news agents? Periodicals
When should you use certified mail? When required by law or Department of Defense(DOD) or Air Force directives
What two items, used together, enable us to trace a container from the sender through the base information transfer system into the US Postal Service, and on to the receiver? Container numbrs and DD Form 2825, Internal Receipt
Which is an accurate example of an accountable countainer number? UUB-08-058
The best choice for ensuring accountable containers stay in a controlled environment is to mail them? registered
What level of damage to national secrity could reasonably be expected if unauthorized disclosure of Top Secret information occurred? Exceptionally grave
What type of classification decision involves information that is paraphrased or restated? Derivative
What is knowing, willful, or negligent action contrary to the requirements of Executive Order 12958 that is not a security violation? Infraction
What must you do when you find classified material out of proper control? Take custody of the material and safeguard it
What is not a factor in releasing classified information? Rank
Who determines whether the recipient has a legitimate need for access to the classified information? Possessor
Top Secret material should never be sent through the base information tranfer system
When is an outer container not required for transfer of classified information? Secret and below being entered into the base information transfer system
What must you do when you mail materials of different classifications in one package? place all material in a single container
When you mail classified material,address containers to the office that is to take action on it
Air Force units at what level must document their organization, function, and activites and preserve their records by implementing effective lifecycle management procedures within their areas of responsibility? Every
Which of the following is not an example of an Air Force record? musuem material
What type of record is created when the Air National Guard (ANG) is creating the records and the federal emergency management agency gets involved and federal dollars are put towards the emergency? federal only
Once they are assigned, active duty personnel whose duties include filing, maintaining, and disposing of official records must be trained within? 3 months
Who appoints a records custodian? Chief of the Office of Records
Who should know and implement the records maintenance, use, and disposition policies and procedures for records maintained? Records custodian
By filing out summary information for documents you create, your final records will be easier to manange and retrieve
How does the Air Force Records Information Management System (AFIRMS) ensure standardizatio and accurarcy of every record series? Ensuring offices Air Force-wide use the same disposition instruction for records
What type of label does the Air Force Records Information Management System (AFIRMS) print? Subdivision
The Air Force Records Information Management System (AFIRMS) generates a file disposition control label for each iem listed on the file plan
How many disposition authorities (table and rule) are allowed per records series? One
What identifies file records and provides the cutoff for the records? disposition guide cards
Where are labels placed on the file folders? placement is based on the needs of the office and is consistent
What information does not appear on a subdivision label? cutoff
What is reviewed when files expand to more than one drawer or files are filed in other locations to determine the inclusive series number to be placed on the drawer label? File plan
What should you remove from a document prior to filing? Envelopes
Why is the file plan filed as the first item in a filing system? To help retrieve filed documens efficiently
What gives the reader a reference trail to follow when a document is located somewhere else? Cross-reference sheet
When using additional copies of records for cross-referencing, how is the cross-reference location identified? Mark each copy by circling the appropriate file code showing where the duplicate copies are filed.
Cross-referencing provides more reliable files service as long as? Excessive cross-referencing is avoided
What determination must be made before a record can be loaned to an authorized person? Period of time the record is needed
What is “disposition,” when dealing with Air Force records? Actions taken with inactive records
What is disposition based when dealing with Air Force records? Time period or event
How does the records disposition program play a key role in the management of Air Force records? Economic and efficient management
How are long-term paper records 10 years or older handled? Retired to authorized federal records center
Who is authorized to approve the permanent retention of records? Archivist of the United States
When units change status but do not change function or mission, files are? Continued and cut off the same way and at the same time as if no change of status had occurred
The emergency disposal of records, without regard to table and rules, is applied when the records? Are a menace to health, life, or property
What is the first part of the plan when developing a vital records plan? Description of the records
Which of the following is not a cutoff period? Quarterly
At least how many years remaining retention must records have to be shipped to a federal records center? Three
What type of records does the SF 135, Records Transmittal and Receipt, identify? Retirement to a federal records center, staging center, or transfer to another organization
What type of records does the staging center store? Permanent and temporary
Who approves a waiver to keep small volumes of 2- to 8-year retention records in the current files area? Base records manager (BRM)
To recycle Privacy Act (PA) material, what must recycling contracts include? Specific contracts clause on safeguarding privacy material until its destruction
Who does the office of primary responsibility (OPR) submit an AF IMT 525, Records Disposition Recommendation, to? Records Manager (RM)
Which of the following is an objective for determining retention? How much Air Force documentation is really essential
What is the official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of federal agencies and organizations, and other presidential documents? The Federal Register
What is one of the duties of the Air Force Register Liaison Office (AFFRLO)? Provide advice/guidance to Air Force personnel on publishing rules and notices
The Department of Defense’s (DOD) policy on providing information on its activities in an open manner to the general public is to provide? A maximum amount of accurate and timely information concerning its activities
Who is responsible for preparing and coordinating on all proposed replies to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requestor? Freedom of Information ACT (FOIA) manager
Who is the focal point for the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) portion of the installation web site? FOIA manager
. Who finds and provides the requested records and helps to determine whether to release the records? Office of primary responsibility (OPR)
Who acts as the declassification authority when such action is appropriate and coordinates the release or denial of records? Office of primary responsibility (OPR)
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests categorized as simple involve records that are? Small in volume
Who does a requester submit an appeal to, when a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) office withholds a record from release because they determined the record is exempt under one or more of the exemptions? Secretary of the Air Force
An official system of records must be? Authorized by law or executive order
. Who is the focal point in a functional area for general Privacy Act (PA) questions? PA monitor
What type of request allows other Air Force directives to give individuals access to Privacy Act (PA) records? Functional
To avoid conflict or discrepancies, the best possible source for collecting personal data is? The subject of the record
When working with Privacy Act (PA) information, if more protection is needed for a system of records, be sure to balance the? Additional protection measures against risk and cost
What is used to determine the disposal of Privacy Act (PA) records? Records Retention schedule
Which element of a Privacy Act (PA) statement shows the reason you are collecting the information? Purpose
What type of information should be considered and protected as For Official Use Only? Information that may be withheld because disclosure would cause a foreseeable harm to an interest protected by the freedom of information act.
. What actions are appropriate when unauthorized disclosure of For Official Use Only (FOUO) records occurs? Appropriate administrative actions to fix the cause, disciplinary actions as needed, and notify the originating organization
When should For Official Use Only (FOUO) markings on a file or document be terminated? When circumstances indicate the information no longer requires protection from public disclosure
Which of these processes is not a step in the publishing process of electronic products? Producing
Who is authorized to serve as the point of contact for, provide coordination on, certify, and/or approve official Air Force publications and forms? Only civilian employees or military members of the Air Force
A special review of a publication or form is conducted when? the OPR decides a publication needs to be changed before its two-year review.
When should you establish a formal paper version requirement for publications? Mission related need only
Administrative changes to publications do not affect subject matter? Content, authority, purpose, and application
Up to what amount is the fine that may be imposed for maintaining a Privacy Act (PA) record system that has not been published in the Federal Register or for making an unauthorized disclosure? $5,000.00
To reduce costly, ineffective, and redundant information collections and reporting requirements is the information collection and reports management programs’? Purpose
What is the management tool used to monitor and control internal reporting requirements? Reports control symbol
Created by: MoniqueAPPLES
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