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uniques chapter one

engineering-block one

Gratuity something given, something in return
type of gratuities money, alcohol, sex, drugs, discounts
acceptance rule DoD 5500.7-R:Joint Ethics Regulation do not accept gratuities, report situation with documentation
Federal Acquisition Rule (FAR) 52.203-3 regulations governing anything acquired by the government. Mandatory in all gov. contracts. fail to comply=termination.
Standards of conduct-what is acceptable? 1. "dutch treat" 2. "christmas tie" 3. accept prizes also offered to public 4. local transportation to site
Standards of conduct-what is unacceptable? 1. luncheon/entertainment 2. anything with substantial monetary value 3. accept door prize NOT given to public 4. use or display contractor advertising items
Public perception if it looks bad to the public, it probably is.
establishing good working relationship communication and realtionship between 2 parties. Be firm but tactful!
Referrals politely refer someone who is mistaken about the project to the contract reference. NEVER put them in an embarrassing situation.
controversy always take a firm position on controversial points dont discuss differences of opinion in front of contractor
3 examples of steps needed to establish good working realtionship 1. dont tell contractor how to do his job 2. avoid controversy 3. dont inerpret the contract for the contractor
Created by: kpellman10
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