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SAT wrd.s 1-21

acclaim praise, applaud
complacent self-satisfied, unconcerned
acquiescent reluctantly, agreeable
acrimony words or behavior filled with harshness
adroit skillful in the use of the hands or in handling difficult situation
altruistic unselfish, caring
enigma mystery, puzzle
penchant a strong liking, attraction
prodigal wasteful, especially of money, extravagant
reticent quiet, uncommunicative
vagrant homeless person, wanderer
affable friendly, easygoing
affirmation positive statement, assertion, agreement
ambidextrous able to use both hands with equal skill
ambivalence indecision; feeling of being pulled in two directions
amorphous without form or shape
analogous similar
antiquated too old to be useful, outdates, obsolete
arbitrary select by random choice and without solid reason
atrophy waste away
augment make larger; increase
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