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Stufflet Unit 2 Euro

Unit 2 Euro

Celibacy the state of being unmarried; implies chastity
chastity the lack of sexual behavior
clerical pluralism holding more than one Church office at one time
Brethren of the Common Life Dutch reformers who sought to live simply, aid the poor, and use Christ as their model
Martin Luther German Catholic monk who sparked Protestant Reformation
justification by works Catholic idea that penance and good deeds could gain you salvation
salvation state of being saved from sin and its consequences (eternal damnation, Hell)
justification by faith Lutheran idea that salvation comes through simple faith in Christ
On Christian Liberty written by Martin Luther, outlined idea of justification by faith
indulgence literally, a portion of the Church's treasury of merit that one bought for remission of sins
Ninety-five Theses on the Power of Indulgences published by Martin Luther in 1517; challenged indulgences, papal power, and papal wealth
penance self-punishment as a means to obtain forgiveness of sins
Eucharist communion; refers to Christian sacrament of taking the body and blood of Christ as per his instructions at the Last Supper
priesthood of all believers Lutheran idea that the "Church" was the entire community of Christian believers
Transubstantiation Catholic belief that bread and wine actually become body and blood of Christ during communion
Consubstantiation Lutheran idea that Christ is present at communion spiritually but the bread and wine are NOT actually His body and blood
Against the Murderous, Thieving Hordes of the Peasants (1525) written by Martin Luther; said liberty meant freedom from the Catholic Church in Rome, NOT freedom from legally established SECULAR powers (your prince)
Frederick the Wise of Saxony German prince that protected Martin Luther once he was deemed a heretic
Peace of Augsburg said religion in the German lands would be determined by each individual ruling prince; you had to follow the religion of your prince
Institutes of the Christian Religion written by John Calvin; outlined Calvinist thought and doctrine
Predestination Calvinist idea that God, at the beginning of time, decided who would be saved and who would be damned
Anabaptists Protestant group that believed only adults could make a free choice about religious faith
Anglican Church Church of England; created by Henry VIII
annulment cancellation of marriage; as if the marriage never took place; used by Catholic Church, where divorces are against Church doctrine
John Knox established Presbyterian Church in Scotland modeled on Calvin's Reformed Church
Council of Trent Catholic response to Protestant Reformation; addressed numerous abuses within Church while reaffirming much Catholic doctrine
Ursuline Order of Nuns female Catholic order of Counter-Reformation; focused on educating women
Society of Jesus (Jesuits) male Catholic order of Counter-Reformation; spread faith to Americas and Asia, established Catholic schools
Ignatius Loyola founder of Jesuits
Index of Prohibited Books list of readings the Catholic Church deemed heretical and against the faith
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