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chapter 16 & 19.

Patient Accounts and Banking Procedures

This lists the procedures in the office and the codes used for them- encounter form (or) charge slip
What will happen if a stopped check is placed by the bank? payment will be stopped
When a patient makes any form of payment what should they be given as proof of payment? reciept
What is an example of a professional courtesy? adjustment
This system was used exclusively to record financial tranactions in the past? peg-board system, or "write-it-once"
What is the process verifying that the amounts on the bank statement are matching the check register? reconciling
This is a record of a deposit given to a customer at the time of deposit- deposit record
This is a guaranteed check that is always acceptable when a personal check is not- certified check
This is a payment subtracted from the existing balance- credit
This is the difference between the debits and credits- Balance
This is a person authorized to act on behalf of another person- agent
What are the numbers printed in magnetic ink that appear at the bottom of checks and deposit slips- MICR Numbers
Money produced by the government in the form of paper bills and coins- currency
This is an itemized list of cash and checks deposited in a checking account- deposit slip
All pt. charges and receipts are recorded here each day- Day-Sheet
All amounts due to the office is called what? Accounts Receivable
This indicates that the amount paid is less than the total due- Debit balance
This is a record of all checks showing the check #, person to whom the check is paid, amount of check, date and balance- register
This type of check is make out to the pt. by someone unknown to you third-party
The payer of the check- person who signs the check or the corporation that pays it.
The payee of the check- to whom the check is written. (endorser)
Code # found in the upper right corner fo a printed check below the check #- ABA Number
Person who records the financial transaction of a business, keeping a record of accounts receivable and payable- Bookkepper
A record for each pt. that shows the charges, payments and balance due- Account
What is an entry on the day sheet called when we write it in- Journalizing
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