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Body System!

parts of the body

Frontal situated near the forehead or the frontal bone
sagittal suture between the parietal bones at the roof of the skull or to a venous canal within the skull and parallel to this suture
transverse one passing horizontally through the body, at right angles to the sagittal and frontal planes, and dividing the body into upper and lower portions.
anterior Of or relating to the front surface of the body, especially of the position of one structure relative to another; ventral.
posterior Located behind a part or toward the rear of a structure.
medial situated toward the median plane or midline of the body or a structure.
lateral denoting a position farther from the median plane or midline of the body or a structure.
proximal nearest to a point of reference, as to a center or median line or to the point of attachment or origin.
distal Anatomically located far from a point of reference, such as an origin or a point of attachment.
reproductive Tending to reproduce.
dorsal toward, on, in, or near the back or upper surface of an organ, part, or organism
ventral Relating to or situated on or close to the abdomen; abdominal.
cardiovascular relating to, or involving the heart and the blood vessels
digestive Relating to or aiding digestion.
endocrine Of or relating to endocrine glands or the hormones secreted by them.
integumentary A natural outer covering or coat, such as the skin of an animal or the membrane enclosing an organ.
lymphatic Of or relating to lymph, a lymph vessel, or a lymph node.
muscular Of, relating to, or consisting of muscle
nervous Of or relating to the nerves or nervous system
respiratory Of, relating to, used in, or affecting respiration.
skeletal Attached to or formed by a skeleton
urinary Of or relating to the organs involved in the formation and excretion of urine.
abdominal Of or relating to the abdomen
antebrachial premature closure of a physeal plate, usually caused by trauma, in one bone of the forearm, while growth continues in the other may result in uneven growth and often angular or rotational deformities.
brachial Relating to the arm.
calcaneal toward the heel
calf/sural the fleshy back part of the leg below the knee
cephalic Of or relating to the head.
cervical Relating to a neck or a cervix.
coxal pertaining to the hip area.
cranial toward the head end of the body; a synonym of superior in humans and other bipeds.
cubital Relating to the elbow or the ulna.
deltoid Of or relating to the deltoid muscle.
femoral pertaining to the femur or to the thigh.
gluteal pertaining to the buttocks.
inguinal pertaining to the groin
lumbar pertaining to the loins
nuchal pertaining to the posterior or nape of the neck.
palmar Of, relating to, or corresponding to the palm of the hand.
patellar pertaining to the patella.
pectoral Relating to or situated in the breast or chest.
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