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14295B Chapter 20

Chapter 20 of the Hospital Corpsman manual

What is a sterile pad or compress used to cover wounds to control bleeding and prevent further contamination? a dressing
How large should dressings be? large enough to cover the entire area of the wound and extend 1 inch beyond the wound edges on all sides
what are the most common types of bandages? roller and triangular
When starting a roller bandage on an extremity where would you start it? the part of the limb with the smallest circumference
what type of roller bandage is used for the elblow, wrist, hand, feet and ankles? a spica or figure eight type bandage
What bandage is good for bandaging any protruding part of the body? four-tailed bandage
What bandage is used for the lower jaw? Barton bandage
Where can a triangular bandage be used? head, shoulder, chest, hip, butt, foot and hand
what type of bandage is useful to control bleeding of the scalp or forehead and also for the eye? cravat
What is a combination compress and bandage in which a sterile gauze pad is fastened to a gauze, muslin, or adhesive bandage? battle dressing
What is a portable electronic device capable of analyzing cardiac rhythms and selecting the appropriate strength of defibrillation? automated external defibrillator
what are the two types of fluids used for iv drip? crystalloids and colloids
What solution is often used for fluid resuscitation after a blood loss due to trauma, surgery, or a burn injury? lactated ringers solution
what is a synthetic plasma expander that works by producing expansion of plasma blood volume? hetastarch
At what PSI or lower is the oxygen tank considered empty? 200psi or lower
An oxygen flow of 15 lpm will deliver an oxygen concentration of what? 90%
How do you measure the proper size of an oropharyngeal airway on a patient? Proper size will extend from the corner of the mouth to the patients earlobe on the same side of the patients face
What are furnished with each air line and must be worn? safety belts
What is a lifeline? It is a 50 feet long steel-wire cable
What is the first phase of rescue operations? removal of lightly pinned casualties
What is the second phase of rescue operations? removal of casualties who are trapped in more difficult circumstance
What is the third phase of rescue operations? remove casualties where extrication is extremely difficult and time consuming
What is the fourth phase of rescue operations? removal of the dead
What is the first stage of extrications? gaining access to the casualty
What is the second stage of extrication? giving life saving emergency care
what is the third stage of extrication? disentanglement
what is the fourth stage of extrication? preparing the casualty for removal
what is the fifth stage of extrication? removing the casualty
How do you always move a patient on a stretcher? Feet first
What is the most commonly used navy service litter? stokes stretcher
What fits within a stokes stretcher and will float a 250lb person? miller board
What is primarily used in extrication of a sitting casualty? short spineboard
what is one of the easiest ways to carry a casualty whether unconscious or unable to walk? firemans carry
With what carry is it possible to carry a heavy casualty for a considerable distance? pack-strap carry
What carry is useful when required to crawl underneath low structures? tied-hands crawl
What two person carry must never be used to move a person who has an injured neck, back or pelvis? chair carry
The primary mission of what aircraft is mass casualty evacuation? CH-47
What hazmat label is solid orange? explosives
what hazmat label is solid green? non-flammable gases
what hazmat label is solid red? flammable liquids
what hazmat label is white ad red stripes? flammable solids
what hazmat label is solid yellow? oxidizers and peroxides
What hazmat label is half white/ half yellow with black radiation symbol? radioactive materials
what hazmat label is half white / half black? corrosives
Red on the hazmat diamond shaped label indicates what? flammability
Yellow on the hazmat diamond shaped label indicates what? reactivity
White on the hazmat diamond shaped label indicates what? special hazards
Blue on the hazmat diamond shaped label indicates what? blue
What is the health hazard level 4? deadly
what is the health hazard level 3? extreme danger
what is the health hazard level 2? hazardous
what is the health hazard level 1? slightly hazardous
what is the health hazard level 0? normal material
What is the process of removing or neutralizing and properly disposing of contaminants that have accumulated on personnel and equipment? decontamination
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