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14295B Chapter 19

Chapter 19 of the Hospital Corpsman Manual

What technique is used when a small quantity of blood is needed for testing such as in some pediatric blood draws? capillary blood collection
What is defined at the puncture of a vein for drawing blood? venipuncture
When drawing blood how do you introduce the needle? In one continuous motion, bevel up at 15 degree angle the the skin
Do not leave a tourniquet on for longer than what? one minute
What are the four parts of the compound microscope? arm, stage, mechanical stage, and base
What part of the microscope is the structure that supports the magnification and focusing system, and is the handle by which it is carried? the arm
What is the platform on which a specimen is placed for examination on a microscope? the stage
What holds the specimen in place and is the means by which the specimen may be moved about on the stage to view the sample on a microscope? mechanical stage
What is the structure on which the microscope rests? the base
What lens of the microscope is responsible for the magnification and resolution of detail in a specimen? objective lens
What are the powers of the three objective lenses on the compound microscope? 10X, 40X, and 100X
What routine test consists of RBC count, hemoglobin, hematocrit, wbc count and differential? a CBC, Complete Blood Count
A red cell count that drops below normal levels may indicate what? anemia
What is the primary function of hemoglobin? delivery and release of oxygen to the tissues and carbon dioxide excretion
What is the normal hematocrit for women and men? 37% to 47% for women and 42% to 52% for men
What type of blood cell is a leukocyte? white blood cell
What is an abnormally high WBC count? leukocytosis
What is an abnormally low WBC count? leukopenia
What are the five types of white blood cells? neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes
What WBC accounts for the largest percentage of leukocytes found in a normal blood sample? neutrophil
A neutrophilic band is sometimes called what? stab cell
The function of what cell is to destroy parasites and respond in immediate allergic reactions? eosinophil
What is a rise in basophils associated with? inflammatory disorders and leukemia
What cells function is associated with immune response and the body's defense against viral infections? lymphocyte
What is the largest of the normal white blood cells? monocyte
What are the four growth requirements for bacteria? temperature, oxygen, nutrition and moisture
what is psychrophilic? cold loving bacteria that reproduce at low temperatures
What is mesophilic? bacteria that reproduce best at body temperature
What is thermophilic? bacteria that reproduce best at high temperatures
what are organisms that reproduce in the presence of oxygen? aerobes
what are organisms that do not reproduce in the presence of oxygen? anaerobes
What are the three distinct shapes of bacteria? coccus, bacillus and spirochetes
what type of bacteria are spherical, appear singly, in pairs, chains, clusters or packets? cocci
what type of bacteria are rod-shaped, appears singly, in chains, or in different organizations? bacilli
what type od bacteria are helical, spiral-corkscrew shaped, appearing singly only? spirilla
What are the two categories of bacteria toxins? endotoxin and exotoxin
Are exotoxins or endotoxins more potent? exotoxin
What cells retain the primary crystal violet stain during decolorization? gram positive
what cells are couterstained pink and do not retain the violet stain? gram negative
What are some common cocci, gram positive bacteria? streptococcus pheumoniae, streptococcus pyogenes, and staphylococcus aureus
What are some common gram negative, cocci bacteria? Neisseria gohorrhoeae, Neisseria meningitis
What are some common gram positive bacilli bacteria? crynebacterium diphtheria, clostridium, botulinum
What are some common bacilli gram negative bacteria? Yersinia pestis, brucella abortus, and bordatella pertussis
What does red or red-brown urine indicate? presence of blood
What does yellow to brown urine indicate? presence of bile
what does olive green to brown-black urine indicate? phenols
what does dark orange urine indicate? pyridium
What is the normal range of specific gravity for urine specimens? 1.015 to 1.030
Positive glucose and ketones on a urinalysis may indicate what? uncontrolled diabetes
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