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14295B Chpater 18

Chapter 18 of the Hospital Corpsman Manual

What is the branch of pharmacology dealing with biological, biochemical, and economic features of natural medications and their constituents? Pharmacognosy
What is the branch of pharmacology dealing with the preparation, dispensing, and proper use of medications? Pharmacy
What is the study of the dosages of medicines and medications? Posology
What is the study of the action or effects of medications on living organisms? Pharmacodynamics
What is the study of the uses of medications in the treatment of disease? Pharmacotherapeutics
What is the study of poisons, their actions, their detection, and the treatment of the conditions produced by them? Toxicology
What is the science of treating disease by any method that will relieve pain, treat or cure diseases and infections, or prolong life? Therapeutics
What work is known as the "blue bible" of pharmacology? Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy
The amount of medication to be administered is referred to as what? dose
What is referred to as the normal adult dose, the usual dose, or average dose? THERAPEUTIC DOSE
What is the least amount of medication that can produce death? MINIMUM LETHAL DOSE
What are the two primary factors that determine or influence the dosage of a medication? the age and weight of the patient
What is the most common factor that influences the amount of medication to be given? age
What rule is age in years / age in years + 12 X adult dose = childs dose? youngs rule
What is clarks rule? weight in lbs / 150 X adult dose = childs dose
What is introducing medication by injection called? parenteral
What are the methods of parenteral medication administration? subcutaneous, intradermal, intramuscular, and intravenous, and intrathecal/intraspinal
What are the six patient rights of medication administration? Right patient, Right Medication, Right Dose, Right Route, Right Time, and Right Documentation!
What is defined as any chemical substance that has an effect on living tissue but is not used as food? medication
What are the three specific areas of medication classification? General, Chemical and Therapeutic
What name is the proprietary name given by the manufacturer of a medication? Brand or Trade name
What name is often derived from the chemical name of a medication? Generic
What type of medications cause shrinkage of the skin and mucous membranes? astringents
What is an example of an astringent? calamine, aluminum acetate, zinc oxide
What type of medications are bland or fatty substances that may be applied to the skin to make it more pliable and soft? emollient
What are examples of emollients? cocoa butter, petroleum jelly
What type of medications assist in the removal of secretions or exudates from the trachea, bronchi, or lungs and are most commonly used for the common cold? expectorants and antitussives
What are agents that inhibit or suppress the act of coughing? antitussives
What type of medication helps reduce congestion and swelling of mucous membranes? nasal decongestants
What type of medication is used to counteract the physical symptoms that are caused by allergies? antihistamines
What type of medication is used to counteract hyperacidity in the stomach? atacids
If a silver nitrate wet dressing dries out what happens? It will be absorbed into the skin and turn a slate gray color
What is the condition known as when silver nitrate is absorbed into the skin and it turns slate gray? argyria
What were the first effective chemotherapeutic agents to be available in safe therapeutic dosage ranges? sulfonamides
What is one of the most important antibiotics and is derived from molds? penicillin
If a patient is allergic to penicillin, what other antibiotic group might they be allergic to? cepholosporins
What were the first truly broad-spectrum antibiotics that were introduced in 1948? tetracyclines
What are a large group of bacteriostatic agents that are effective against gram-positive cocci like Neisseria, hemophilus and mycobacteria? Macrolides
What antibacterial can make the skin sensitive to sunlight and may result in a sunburn? erythromycin
What infections or infestations account for the largest number of chronic disabling diseases known? parasitic infections/infestations
What is the drug of choice for treating acute malarial attacks? chloraquine phosphate
What malarial drug would you not give to someone with a G6PD deficiency because it causes hemolytic anemia? Primaquine phosphate
What are agents that increase the rate of urine formation? diuretics
What are anitpyretics? drugs that relieve or reduce fevers
What is an analgesic? medications that relieve pain
What is the drug of choice for petit mal epilepsy? phenobarbital (luminol)
What is the drug of choice for treatment and management of grand mal epilepsy? phenytoin sodium (Dilantin)
In the US military diazepam is also known as what? CANA, Convulsive Antidote Nerve Agent
What drug is indicated for all degrees of congestive heart failure and for various arrhythmias? Digoxin
What is employed medically to treat heart disease such as angina? amyl nitrite
What is indicated for the treatment and management of acute and chronic angina pectoris? nitroglycerin (nitrostat, nitro-bid)
What type of drug produces constriction of the blood vessels with consequent rise in blood pressure? vasoconstrictors
A deficiency of vitamin B1 or Thiamin causes what? Beriberi
A vitamin D deficiency leads to what? rickets
What vitamin is necessary for the prevention of scurvy? Vitamin C
What does a vitamin K deficiency cause? increase blood clotting time
How are general anesthetics usually administered? By inhalation in gaseous or vaporized form
What can high concentration of nitrous oxide cause? cyanosis and asphyxia
Sudafed, Actifed and mucinex D are examples of what type of drugs? nasal decongestant
Benadryl, Chlor-trimeton, and Dramamine are examples of what type of drugs? antihistamines
Milk of Magnesia, Maalox and Amphojel are examples of what type of drug? antacids
Bactrim and Septra are examples of what type of drug? sulfonamides
Ancef, Kefzol, and Keflex are examples of what type of drug? cephalosporins
Achromycin, doxycycline hyclate, and minocycline hydrochloride are examples of what type of drug? tetracyclines
What type of drug are erythromycin, clindomycine, vancomycin, and azithromycin? Macrolides
What type of drug are nystatin, monistat, and micatin? Antifungals
Nix, flagyl and vermox is what type of drug? antiparasitic
Chloroquine and Primaquine are used in treatment of what? Malaria
Dulcolax and Metamucil are what type of drugs? laxatives
Lasix, esidrix, and oretic are what type of drugs? diuretics
What drug is indicated for patients who are allergic to aspirin? acetaminophen (Tylenol)
What is still the most economical analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agent available? Aspirin
What type of drugs are robaxin and flexeril? muscle relaxants
What drug is indicated for the initiation or improvement of uterine contractions or to control postpartum hemorrhage? Oxytocin/Pitocin
In 1980, the World Health Organization declared the global eradication of what naturally occurring disease? Smallpox
What is the basic unit of weight? gram
What is the basic unit of volume? liter
What is the basic linear unit? meter
What is called the arithmetic of pharmacy, is the study and science of weights and measures? Metrology
What is the official system of weights and measures used by Navy Pharmacy Departments for weighing and calculating pharmaceutical preparations? International System of Units (SI)
In the Apothecaries system what is the basic unit of weight, and volume? weight is the grain(gr), volume is the minim(m)
What are aromatic, sweetened hydroalcoholic solutions containing medicinal substances? elixir
What are aromatic, sweetened hydroalcoholic solutions containing medicinal substances? Suspensions
What are semisolid, fatty, or oily preparations of medicinal substances? Ointments
What are used to reduce substances to fine powders? a mortar and pestle
What incompatibilities occur when agents antagonistic to one another are prescribed together? Therapeutic incompatibilities
What incompatibilities are often called pharmaceutical incompatibilities and are evidenced by the failure of the medications to combine properly? Physical incompatibilities
What incompatibilities occur when prescribed agents react chemically upon combination to alter the composition of one or more of the ingredients (constituents)? Chemical incompatibilities
What is Combining medications may cause the individual medications to have a positive or negative outcome that would not usually occur if the medications were administered separately? Medication interactions
What is any condition which makes a particular treatment or procedure inadvisable? contraindication
What occurs when a medication, administered in a dose appropriate for human prophylaxis, diagnosis, or therapy, has an unintended and harmful effect on the patient receiving it? Adverse medication reactions
What is the most important tool used by the pharmacy? the prescription
What is used extensively for outpatient prescription and will contain only one medication order? DD 1189, DOD prescription
NAVMED 6710/6 is available for up to _____ prescriptions for one patient to be written together. four
What part of the prescription means "take" or "take thou" or, in effect, "I want this patient to have the following medication."? The superscription "Rx"
What is that part of the prescription that lists the name and quantity of the medication to be used? The inscription
What part follows the inscription and is that part of the prescription that gives directions to the compounder? The subscription
What part is not to be confused with the prescriber’s signature, is the part of the prescription that gives the directions for the patient. This portion is preceded by the abbreviation “Sig.”? The signa
How long are prescriptions currently required to be on file? For at least 2 years after the date of issue
MANMED specifically assigns custodial responsibility for controlled substances to who? a Commissioned Officer
What schedule of controlled substances have high abuse potential and no accepted medical use? Schedule I
What schedule of controlled substances must be filled within 30 days of the date written and may be refilled up to five times within 6 months? Schedule III, IV, and V
What schedule of controlled substances have a high abuse potential and severe psychological/physical dependency, cannot be ordered with refills and must be filled within 7 day of date written? Schedule II
When is a CSIB (controlled substances inventory board) performed? quarterly
Who appoints the members of the CSIB? the CO
If destruction is indicated for controlled substances and directed by the CO, it must be done how? In the presence of a member of the CSIB
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