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14295B Chapter 14

Chapter 14 of the Hospital Corpsman Manual

What chapter of the MANMED P-117 should you refer to for physical examinations? Chapter 15
What are the four types of routine physical exams? entrance, PHA, re-enlistment, and seperation
What is conducted annually, face to face assessment of the patients IMR to correct deficiencies? PHA, Periodic Health Assessment
What is DD 2807? Report of Medical History
Where are entrance exams normally performed? MEPS, Military Entrance Processing Stations
What is DD 2808? Report of Medical Examination
When is a separation physical conducted? Not less than 180 days from the last day of active duty service
Overseas/Operational suitability screening examinations should be completed within how many days of receipt of orders? within 30 days
What is OPNAVINST 5100.23? Asbestos Medical Surveillance Program
Guidance for Occupation Noise Control and Hearing conservations Program can be found in what instruction? NAVMEDCOMINST 6260.5
What are the single most important factor in determining fitness for duty in todays Navy? medical evaluation board
The abbreviated temporary limited duty medical board is only used when? when a member is expected to return to full duty
The DD 2697, Report of Medical Assessment is used to complete what examination? Separation examinations
What is NAVMED 1300/1? Medical/Dental suitability screening for service and family members
What tests are used together to test visual acuity? snellen chart and jaeger cards
What is the most familiar of the visual testing equipment and are the preferred method for testing distant visual acuity? Snellen chart
When the AFVT is not available what is used to test near vision? Jaeger cards
What is the preferred test for color vision? FALANT, Farnsworth Lantern Test
Where is a baseline audiogram recorded? DD 2215
Subseguent audiograms are recorded on what form? DD 2216
What is a record of electrical impulses as they travel through the heart? an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)
What is helpful in diagnosing conduction abnormalities of the heart like atrial fibrillation, atrioventricular blocks and ventricular dysrhythmias? EKG's
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