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What is DtoE detect to engage: detect, acquire, track, engage
what is C2W command and control warfare - utilize ships in the area through Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) links
what is NSFS Naval Surface Fire Support - clearing the beach for the marines
what is RADAR radio detection and ranging
what is SONAR sound navigation and range
state the two warfare areas that utilize naval gun systems Anti Air Warfare Anti Surface Warfare
state the three warfare areas that utilize naval missile systems anti air warfare anti surface warfare strike
what is the purpose of fire control to put warheads on foreheads
what is the Harpoon anti ship surface to surface missile. air, surface, sub launched.
what is the Tomahawk long range surface to surface missile for anti ship or land attacks. surface/sub launched.
what is the vertical launched ASROC anti submarine rocket. surface launched
what are the standard missiles anti air missiles. SM-1 is medium range, SM-2 is long range. Surface launched
what is the Torpedo used for underwater attacks on surface ships or submarines. air, surface, sub launched
what are the Navy ships self defense weapons systems NSSMS CIWS RAM 5 inch 50 cal
what is the purpose of air search radars searches for air targets. SPS-48, SPS-49
what is the purpose of surface search radars searches for surface targets. SPS-67
what is the purpose of fire control radars continuous/accurate target position to FC. MK-23 TAS
what is the purpose of navigation radars used for piloting and navigating the ship. SPS-73
what is the difference between 2D and 3D radars 2D provides bearing and range only 3D provides bearing range and elevation
what is CSOSS combat systems operational sequencing system
what is the CSRO combat systems readiness officer - link between TAO and CSOOW
what is the CSOOW combat systems officer of the watch - disseminates trouble calls, in charge of all other area supervisors
what are the area supervisors WSS - weapons system supervisor RSS - radar system supervisor XCOM - exterior communications supervisor DSS - data systems supervisor
what is the SLQ-25A the NIXIE 2100 ft long, streams 2000 ft. used for anti torpedo
what is active SONAR transmits and receives
what is passive SONAR receives only
how does temperature affect sonar as temperature increases sound velocity increases
how does pressure affect sonar as pressure increases, sound velocity increases
how does salinity affect sonar as salinity increases, sound velocity increases
what are the safety precautions for entering a magazine no spark producing items battle dress no exposed metal TPI - two person integrity
what is a hang fire delay in firing
what is a misfire failure to fire
what is a hotgun when the weapon is in danger of cooking off rounds
what is the train warning circle 18" from outermost point, 4" wide red circle, with DANGER AREA in 2" white letters at 4 foot intervals
HE-PD high explosive - point detonating
HE-VT high explosive - variable time
HE MT-PD high explosive - manual time - point detonated
VT non-FRAG variable time - non fragmented
RAP rocket assisted projectile
BL&P blind load and plug
HE-IR high explosive - infrared
WP white phosphorous
HE-CVT high explosive - control variable time
what are the components of a weapons system detection direction delivery destruction
what is HERO hazards of electromagnetic radiation to ordnance - to prevent the inadvertent firing of weapons
what are the two primary gun systems on navy surface combatants 5 inch and 50 cal
what is blue color coding in regards to ammunition training ammunition
what is the purpose of electronic cooling system keep equipment cool
what is the purpose of the ships gyro to provide pitch/roll inputs to stabilize weapons systems
what is the SWC ships weapons coordinator. TAOs right hand man, makes recommendations on actions to take to defend the ship
what is the PDWC point defense weapons coordinator - determines weapons designation and advises the SWC
what is the NSSMS firing officers console controls level of automation and fires missile
what is the NSSMS RSC operator nato sea sparrow missile system radar set console - maintains a track of targets and performs kill assessments
what is the RAM WCP operator rolling airframe missile weapons control panel - three levels of automation: automatic, semi-auto, manual
what is the CIWS RCP operator close in weapons system remote control panel - can be fired from local control panels or remotely from CIC
what is the color code brown class b explosive - propulsion
what is the color code yellow class a explosive - high explosive
what is the color code blue inert or training
what is a hot gun/cold gun for CIWS 300 rounds in 5min, must wait 30min
what is the SLQ-32 passive radar detection range of 300 nm
what is the SPS-49 2D air search radar range of 256nm
what is the SPS-48 3D air search radar range 220nm
what is the MK23 TAS (target acquisition system) range in normal 22.5nm, long range of 110 nm
what is the SPS-67 primary surface radar range 64nm
what is the MK 95 2D radar operates in air search, surface search, and TV mode
what is the SPN-43 3D Air Traffic Control radar range 50nm
what is the SWY-3 self defense surface missile system SLQ-32 MK23 TAS NSSMS RAM
how many CIWS 2 systems on board
what is the MK36 DLS (decoy launching system) - six, 3 port and 3 stbd, spray strips into the air as a chaff target
what is the MK31 GMWS (guided missile weapon system) - launches RAM, 2 launchers, each with 21 missiles
what is the MK29 GMLS (guided missile launcher system) - launches NSSMS, 2 launchers, each with 8 missiles
what is the CIWS specs 4500 rounds per minute, 6 barrels, effective range of 2000yds, vertical ceiling of 29,000 ft, 20mm depleted uranium
what is the RIM-7 sea sparrow missile range of 9-11nm
what is the RIM-116 RAM range of 3-5nm
what makes up a CIWS round Sabot projectile pusher primer case
what is ACDS advanced combat direction system - displays information in CIC
what is CIC combat information center
what are rules of engagement rules of war to avoid unnecessary conflict but allow defense of unit
what is EMCON emissions control
what is CSOSS combat systems operational sequencing system to provide procedures and reference diagrams for each station
what are the safety precautions for MK29 training bell salvo alarm firing cutouts
what are the safety precautions for MK31 training bell salvo alarm firing cutouts
what are the safety precautions for CIWS training bell firing cutouts
what are the three functions of SLQ-32 ES-electronic support EA-electronic attack EP-electronic protect
what are the 25mm four onboard, 2 port and 2 stbd, range 2700m, 175 rounds per minute. ready service locker of 330 rounds
what are the 50 cal four onboard, 2 port, one stbd, and one fantail, 60 rounds per minute, 2000 yds with a 3000 vertical ceiling. ready service locker of 6000 rounds
what is a hot gun for 25mm 100 rounds in a 15minute period or 400 rounds in an hour, wait time is 60seconds
what is a hot gun for 50cal 250 round burst or more, wait time is 30seconds
what are safety precautions for 25mm full battle dress with flak jacket
what is the Detect to Engage ranges outside in SLQ32 - 300nm SPS49 - 256nm SPS48 - 220nm TAS Long - 110nm SPS73 - 90nm SPS67 - 64nm MK95 - 50nm TAS Norm - 22.5nm NSSMS - 9-11nm RAM - 3-5nm CIWS - 1nm ownship
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