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dental materials

specialty materials

specialty materials ortho, endo, perio and surgical--perio packs, sutures, bone replacement materials, antibiotic devices, bone plates and screws
ortho materials general dentistry (impression & gypsum materials, bonding materials & composites, acrylic resins)
ortho materials-wires springs & stabilizers, attached to teeth using brackets, ligatures, tubes & bands, stainless steel or nickel-titanium, size of wire increases so does stiffness, round, square, rectangular, or braided
ortho materials brackets (s. steel polymers-polycarbonate resin-, ceramic materials-aluminum oxide- Bands: encircle entire crown,attach brackets to molar teeth before etching was used, s. steel. Tubes: allows a wire to slide thru to anchor arch wire, s. steel
oral hygiene for ortho patient high risk caries, decalcif common around brackets, critical for ortho patients proper diet and home care, use fluoride rinses, auxillary oral hygiene aids helpful
endodontic diagnosis percussion tests, mobility, hot and cold stimuli, perio probing, elecric pulp test, rads
cleaning the canal access cavity prep-drill tooth w/ hshp to gain access to canal: endo files-remove contents of canal-enlarge/shape canal, determine length of canal w/ rads while files in place
cleaning the canal irrigants: disinfect canal system, flush debris, lubricate canal-sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidine gluconate, sterile saline, injected in canal w/ syringe and needle Paper points-dry before filled
filling the canal (obturation) gutta percha: used in combo w/ endo sealer, zinc oxide, gutta percha, heavy metal sulfates, waxes/resins, barium sulfate is added to give radiopacity
filling the canal-endodontic sealers type of cement, coat canal space and fill any voids between canal and gutta percha
restoration and recall-may delay restoration until sensitivity is resolved types of restorations; simple-amalgam or composites or complex-post and core, crown: recall if temp is placed to make it permanent
apioectomy and retrofills-root canals are 95% successful if they fail-re-treat, extract, apioectomy: removes 1-3mm of root apex, seal the end of the root-retrofill
perio and surgical materials perio/surgical packs: protect surgical sites and promote healing
sutures absorbable-surgical gut, plain and chrome, synthetic polyglycolic acid. Nonabsorbable: surgical silk other threads must be removed. sized based on "0" smallest-called ought-range up to 80 which is "8 ought"needles-swagged attach suture to eyeless needle
bone replacement materials natural (human/animal) or synthetic (calcium phosphate formulation) Membranes: prevent aprical down growth of epithelial tissue & attachment to cementum at base of pocket after surgery. Antibiotic devices, Bone Plates & Screws
Created by: jfgwinn