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Roots and Pre/Suffix

PSAT Roots pre fixes and suffixes

ab, abs from, away from
ad, ac, af, ag, an, ap, as, at to, forward
ambi both
an, a without
ante before
anti against, opposite
arch chief, first
be over, thoroughly
bi two
cata down
circum around
com, co, col, con, cor with, together
contra, contro against
de down, away
demi partly, half
di two
dia across
dis, dif not, apart
dys faulty, bad
ex, e out
extra, extro beyond, outside
hyper above; excessively
hypo beneath; lower
in, il, im, ir not; in, on, upon
inter between, among
macro large, long
mega great, million
meta involving change
micro small
mis bad, improper; hatred
mono one
multi many
neo new
non not
ob, oc, of, op against
olig few
pan all, every
para beyond, related
per through, completely
peri around, near
poly many
post after
pre before
prim first
pro forward, in favor of
proto first
pseudo false
re again, back
retro backward
se away, aside
semi half, partly
sub, suc, suf, sug, sup, sus under, less
super, sur over, above
syn, sym, syl, sys with, together
tele far
trans across
ultra beyond, excessive
un not
under below
uni one
vice in place of
with away, against
ac, acr sharp
aev, ev age, era
ag, act do
agog leader
agri, agrari field
ali another
alt high
alter other
am love
anim mind, soul
ann, enn year
anthrop man
apt fit
aqua water
arch ruler, first
aster star
aud, audit hear
auto self
belli war
ben, bon good
biblio book
bio life
breve short
cad, cas to fall
cap, capt, cept, cip to take
capit, capt head
carn flesh
ced, cess to yield, to go
celer swift
cent one hundred
chron time
cid, cis to cut, to kill
cit, citat to call, to start
civi citizen
clam, clamat to cry out
claud, claus, clos, clud to close
cognosc, cognit to learn
compl to fill
cord heart
corpor body
cred, credit to believe
cur to care
curr, curs to run
da, dat to give
deb, debit to owe
dem people
derm skin
di, diurn day
dic, dict to say
doc, doct to teach
domin to rule
duc, duct to lead
dynam power, strength
ego I
erg, urg work
err to wander
eu god, well, beautiful
fac, fic, fec, fect to make, to do
fall, fals to deceive
fer, lat to bring, to bear
fid belief, faith
fin end, limit
flect, flex bend
fort luck, chance; strong
frag, fract break
fug flee
fus pour
gam marriage
gen, gener class, race
grad, gress go, step
graph, gram writing
greg flock, herd
helio sun
it, itiner journey, road
jac, jact, jec to throw
jur, jurat to swear
labor, laborat to work
leg, lect, lig to choose, to read
leg law
liber, libr book
liber free
log word, study
loqu, locut to talk
luc light
magn great
mal bad
man hand
mar sea
mater, matr mother
mit, miss to send
mob, mot, mov move
mon, monit to warn
mori, mort to die
morph shape, form
mut change
nat born
nav ship
neg deny
nomen name
nov new
omni all
oper to work
pac peace
pass feel
pater, patr father
path disease, feeling
ped, pod foot
ped child
pel, puls to drive
pet, petit to seek
phil love
pon, posit to place
port, portat to carry
poten able, powerful
psych mind
put, putat to trim, to calculate
quer, ques, quir, quis to ask
reg, rect rule
rid, ris to laugh
rog, rogat to ask
rupt to break
sacr holy
sci to know
scop watch, see
scrib, script to write
sect cut
sed, sess to sit
sent, sens to think, to feel
sequi, secut, seque to follow
solv, solut to loosen
somn sleep
soph wisdom
spec, spect to look at
spir breathe
string, strict bind
stru, struct build
tang, tact, ting to touch
tempor time
ten, tent to hold
term end
terr earth
therm heat
tors, tort twist
tract drag, pull
trud, trus push, shove
urb city
vac empty
vad, vas go
veni, vent, ven to come
ver true
verb word
vers, vert turn
via way
vid, vis to see
vinc, vict, vanq to conquer
viv, vit alive
voc, vocat to call
vol wish
volv, volut to roll
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