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14295B Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of the Hospital Corpsman

What chapter of the MANMED P-117 provides guidelines for record management? Chapter 16
What are the three major categories of primary medical records? Health Records, Outpatient records, Inpatient Records
What is a file of continuous care given to AD members? Health Record (HREC)
What type of records are convenience records, temporary records and ancillary records? Secondary medical records
What is the minimum a temporary dental record must contain? DD 2005 Privacy Act Statement, NAVMED 6600/3 Dental Health Questionnaire, and EZ603A Dental Treatment Form.
What is DD 2807? Report of Medical History
What is DD 2808? Report of Medical Examination
What is NAVMED 6150/21-30? Treatment record jacket
What is the FMP code for spouse? 30-39
What is the FMP code for Child? 01-19
What is the FMP code for mother/stepmother? 40-44
What is the FMP code for father/stepfather? 45-49
What is the FMP code for mother-in-law? 50-54
What is the FMP code for father-in-law? 55-59
What color tape on the category block on the record jacket indicates active duty? Red
What is preprinted on the Front of the Center Page of the record jacket? DD 2005, Privacy Act Statement
What is preprinted on the inside back cover of the record jacket? The Forensic Examination Form
What record filing system does the navy medical department use? Terminal Digit Filing System
What color record is NAVMED 6150/20? Orange
What color record is NAVMED 6150/21? Green
What color record is NAVMED 6150/22? Yellow
What color record is NAVMED 6150/23? Grey
What color record is NAVMED 6150/24? Tan
What color record is NAVMED 6150/25? Blue
What color record is NAVMED 6150/26? White
What color record is NAVMED 6150/27? Almond
What color record is NAVMED 6150/28? Pink
What color record is NAVMED 6150/29? Red
What is form is NAVMED 6150/7? Record Charge Out Form
What is DD 771? Eyewear prescription
What is DD2215? Reference Audiogram
What is DD 2216? Hearing Conservation
What is NAVMED 6470/10? Record of Occupational Exposure to Ionizing Radiation
What is an SF 513? Consultation Sheet
What is an SF 523? Authorization for Autopsy
What is the DD 2604? Certificate of Death
What is an SF 509? Progress Notes
What is an SF 522? Request for Anesthesia
What is an SF 600? Chronological Record of Medical Care
What is DD 2569? Third Party Collection
What is DD 877? Request for Medical/Dental Records
What is an SF 519? Radiology request
What forms do you document a deserter on? SF 600, EZ603A, and NAVMED 6150/4
What is NAVMED 6150/4? Abstract of Service and Medical History
What is VA 526? Claim of Benefits
When duplicating a record where do you place the designation on the HREC? Prominently on the front of the jacket about the wording Outpatient Medical Record
What is the form number of the Adult Preventative and Chronic Care Flow Sheet? DD 2766
What form is preferred to record a patients hospital admission? SF 509
What form will you use to enter a patients sick call visit? SF 600
What is NAVMEDCOMINST 6230.15? Immunization and Chemoprophylaxis
What is PHS 731? International Certificate of Vaccination
What is navmed 6470/10? Record of Occupational exposure to Ionizing Radiation
What is NAVMED 6600/3? Dental health Questionnaire
Records are retained in the custody of who on a ship, submarine, or aviation squadron? The MO or DO
Records are subject to inspection at any time by who? The CO
What information may an MTF Co release to the public without the patient or NOK consent? patients name, grade or rate, date of admission, age, sex, component, base/station or organization and general condition.
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