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biochemistry parcial

1-6 chapters of harvey

which one of the following statements about enzymic reaction is correct? at a certain enzyme concentration, the reaction velocity increases with increasing substrate concentration until V max is reached
one of the factors that regulate the activity of an enzyme is substrate or the cellular concentration of substrate. when is enzyme activity effectively regulated by the substrate concentration? when the substrate concentration is less than or equal to Km
Glucose+ATP-glucose 6-P+ADP ; Delta G= -400 cal/mol Reaction=1 Reaction 3 will proceed as directed because its delta G is negative
the rate of an enzyme-catalized reaction was measured using several substrate concentrations that were much lower than Km. Which one of the following statements is Correct? reaction velocity is proportional to the substrate concentration
which of the following statements about the properties of individual amino acids is Correct? because of its hydrophobic character, methionine is commonly found in amphipathic helices, on the face that is oriented toward the interior of the protein
oxidative phosphorylation is true? complex IV binds cyanide (CN-)
the urea is dissolved in water, the solution gets colder. what statement can you make about the entropy change of this process? The delta S is positive
characteristic of allosteric enzymes? they frequently show cooperative binding of substrate
2,4 dinitrophenol is an effective weight-reducing agent. its weight reducing capacity is ascribes to its ability to lower the concentration of protons in the inter-membranous space of the mitochondria
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