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Dental Infection Control Chapter 2

What percentage of patients with HIV or HBV show no symptoms and may be unaware of their infectious disease? Approximately 80%
What is known as when the same infection control practices are used with all patients? Universal Precautions
All active duty health care personnel receive HIV testing on what basis? Annual
Washing gloves increases the porosity by up to what percent? up to 60%
At the beginning of each workday, flush each unt water lines and hoses for how long? At least 1 minute
After each patient, remove handpiece, lubricate and run for how long? For 30 seconds
Three 10-second rinses will temporarily reduce a patients microbial count by what percent? Up to 97%
Properly decanted irrigation solution for nonsurgical use is acceptable for how long? Up to 1 week
What technique is used to clean and disinfect all unprotected high touch areas? spray-wipe-spray
At the end of the day how should you clean the countertops, dental unit chair, and light? spray-wipe-spray
At the EOD flush each unit water line and hose for how long? 30 seconds
When doing laundry, a wash cycle should be how long and at what temperature? At least 25 minutes with water temperature of at least 160F degrees
What is infectious waste now termed? Regulated waste
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