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Human Phys Roots #1

root words, verbs, prefixes for anatomy

acous, audit hearing
acr extremity
aden gland
alg pain
angi vessel
arthr joint
auto self
bio life
blast germ, immature
blephar eyelid
brachi arm
bronch trachea, windpipe
bucc cheek
capit head
carcin cancer
cardi, cardia, cardio heart
cephal, cep head
cerebro brain
chole bile, gall bladder
chondr cartilage
cor heart
cost rib
crani skull
cut skin
cyst sac, bladder
derma skin
dura hard
enter intestines
erythr red
gastr stomach
gloss tongue
glycol sugar
gyn female
hem, hemat blood
hepar, hepat liver
hist, histio tissue
hydr water
hyster uterus
ischi hip
kines motion
labi lip
lacri tears
leuko white
lingu tongue
lip fat
lumb lower back
macul spot, blotch
malign bad, harmful
mamm, mast breast
meningo membrane
myel marrow
my, myo muscle
necro corpse, dead
nephro kidney
neuro nerve
ocul eye
odont teeth
onco mass, tumor
oo egg
opthalm eye
or mouth
osm odor, sense of smell
os, osseo, osteo bone
ot ear
palpebr eyelid
patho disease
pelv basin
phag to eat
phleb vein
phren diaphragm
pilo hair
pneumo lung, air
pod foot
procto anus, rectum
pulmon lung
ren kidney
rhin nose
sclera hard
sep, septic toxic condition
soma, somato body
sten narrow
stasis, stat stand still
tegument skin, covering
therm heat
thromb clot, lump
vas vessel, duct
zyg joined
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