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chptr 7,8,9.

Final Review of chapter 7,8,9

What is the commonly used defense mechanism? repression
What are the 2 main types of boundries? physical and emotional
During a personal conversation it is most appropriate to stand how far away? 2 feet
What is the most appropriate way to provide positive reinforcement to a pt.? pat on back
Which question would you ask a pt. presents for a follow-up visit? how have you been doing since your last visit
Meditation and prayer are examples of which coping skill? spiritual
The majority of the population are what type of learners? Visual
What is active listening? involves giving attention to a person trying to communicate with you and taking an active interest in what the are saying(being in the moment)
Demonstrating __________ will help you advance in your career. resourcefullness
A phone screening manual is sometimes called? triage manaul
When providing pt. education what is your first task as a MA? to assess the pt.'s ability to comprehend the instructions
When working with pt.'s especially older ones, what is the best way to greet them? warmly with a smile and by their full name
Why do we document pt. education? prevent legal liability
How should the communication between the members of the healthcare team be maintained? respectful and professional
When a pt calls with a medical question, what should the MA do to help the doctor? document
Why is if important to write your intials when taking a phone message? So the provider will know who took the message if the provider has a question about it
When obtaining a message from a recording device or outside answering service, what should you do? use active listening skills, check for additonal messages, list all pt.s who leave messages so you can pull the charts
When scheduling a pt., what info do you need? pt. name, DOB, reason for visit, assess the type of appointment needed, confirm the last appt date, note the type of appt needed on the schedule
What info is needed to transmit a medication refill to the pharmacy? pt. name and DOB, name of med., dosage, #of refills, medication allergies
What should you do if a pt. calls and makes threats? document and notify superisor and or provider
What are the 3 communication styles? Visual, Auditory, Keneshetic
What is verbal communication spoken or written
What is communication defined as? the exchange of thoughts, message, or information
When speaking to pt.'s, what are some things that demonstrate good communication? active listening, pat on back, maintain eye contact, ect.....
What is the essence of communication? a sender sends a message to a receiver
Created by: bpstears