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measurement tools#1

scales What tools measures weight?
triple beam balance What tool measures mass?
yardstick What tool is 36 inches long?
meterstick What tool is 100 centimeters long?
thermometer What tool measures temperature?
beaker What tool measures approximate amounts of liquid?
graduated cylinder What tool measures accurate amounts of liquids?
tape measure What tool is flexible and can measure length?
timer What tool measures time?
protractor What tool measures inches, centimeters, and also degrees of a circle?
volume What is the amount of space something takes up?
mass What is the amount of matter that is in something?
degrees What is the basic unit of measurement for temperature?
meters, What is the main metric unit for length( also distance)?
liters What is the main metric unit for volume?
pounds What is the main English unit for weight?
grams What is the main metric unit for mass?
seconds What is a unit for time?
gallon What is an English unit for measuring volume?
table What are rows and columns called that organize data?
data What are numbers or words that are collected when something is observed?
row What is the line of information from left to right in a table?
column What is the line of information top to bottom in a table?
observation What is the action of using senses to collect information?
solve problems and explain behavior What is the purpose of all sciences?
weight What is the measure of the Earth's pull of gravity between earth and an object?
make predictions What can a scientist do before the correct answer to a problem is found?
Created by: washington2014