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Health Services Augmentation Program

How often should Navy Medicine Regions conduct readiness reviews using EMPARTS to verify HSAP compliance? Quarterly
How often should Region commanders review the HSAP policy and procedures manuals prepared by sourcing commands? Annually
Deployable personnel must complete administrative requirements within how many days of reporting? 30 days
Personnel with past deployment history will not deploy for a minimum of how long following their last deployment? 6 months/ 180 days
Personnel will not deploy earlier than how long from their report date? 6 months/ 180 days
Personnel will return from deployment no later than how long before a PCS transfer? 6 months/ 180 days
Personnel will return from deployment how long before release from active duty? 3 months/ 90 days
Navy Medical Personnel should complete administrative readiness requirements within how many days of check-in? With-in 30 days
What is form is the NAVPERS 1070/602W? Dependency Application/Record of Emergency Data Worksheet
What is form is the NAVPERS 1070/604? Enlisted Qualifications History
What form is PHS 731? International Certificate of Vaccinations
What is the HSAP Manning Priority from 1 to 8? 1- Marine Forces, 2- Casualty Receiving Ships, 3- Forward Deployed Prev Med Unit, 4-Expeditionary Med Facility, 5- Construction Battalion, 6- Hospital Ship (T-AH), 7- OCONUS MTF, 8- Blood Processing Unit
What is the staffing goal for HSAP billets assigned to USMC units? 80-95%
What HSAP platform is a Medical Augmentation platform of 84 personnel each that provied up to level 2 HSS? Casualty Receiving and Treatment Ship
What level HSS do the Medical Augmentation of CBU in support of Naval Mobile Construction Battalions provide? Up to Level 1 HSS
What level HSS is EMF's task-organized to provide? up to Level3 HSS
OCONUS MTF's provide what level HSS? Level 4 HSS
Hospital Ships (T-AH) provide what Level HSS? Level 3 HSS
T-AH MTF CO's and XO's are nominated by who? BUMED
What is the minimum requirement for personnel to report to th their gaining command with? ID tags, CAC Card, DD 2766, NAVPERS 1070/604, NAVPERS 1070/602W, SGLI, PHS 731, NAVPERS 1740/6 Family Care Plan, and Copy of Security Clearance.
Are enlisted personnel obligated to purchase organizational clothing? NO
PPE and IPE is prescribed by who? By the COCOM for the mission.
What is the routine deployable readiness category? Mission capable and ready to deploy within 5 days
What is Surge Ready readiness category? Ready and capable of mobilizing and deploying within 30 days.
What is the Emergency Surge Readiness category? Ready and capable of deploying within 120 days
How many SORTS categories are there? There are five categories
What SORTS category is the unit capable of undertaking the full wartime mission it was organized and designed for and is considered fully mission capable? C1
What SORTS category the unit capable of undertaking the bulk of its wartime mission and is considered substantially combat ready with only minor deficiencies reported? C2
What SORTS category is the unit capable of undertaking a major portion of its wartime mission, while it has major deficiencies, it can still perform its assigned mission? C3
What SORTS category is the unit unable to perform its wartime mission unless it is provided additional resources or training, the unit may still be required to perform portions of its mission using its existing resources? C4
What SORTS category is th eunit ablt to perform its wartime mission and is not mission capable, this status is routinely assigned to ships in major overhauls? C5
How many EMF systems are maintained in Routine Deployable status for one year? Two
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