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chptr 7,8,9


Active listening participation in the conversation with another by paraphrasing words and phrases or giving approving or disapproving nods
Repression to force painful ideas or impules into the subconscious.
Visual learners are people who need to see picture or see it in writing
Auditory learners are people who learn by hearing. (listen first tahn take notes)
Kinesthetic learners are people who think in terms of sensations or feeling, often move their hands when talking, and respond physically as well as verbally
Screening a preliminary or indicating procedure
Triage a system of sorting and identifying the severity of injuries
Analytical characterized by a method of analysis, a statement of point-by-point examination
Critical thinking using deductive reasoning to examine a problem or issue from a variety of different angles in order to arrive at the most appropriate conclusion and using that inforamationin order to guide behaviors.
Denial a refusal to believe or accept
Rationalization to explain on rational grounds, to devise plausible explanations for one's acts.
Malinger to pretend illness to escape dealing with a situation or obligation.
Perception awareness through the senses
Procrastination intentionally delaying action of somethingthat should be done
Resourcefulness to be a source of suport or supply
Patient Education Information, instructions, and cautions provided to a patientintended to ensure and advance his or her safety, health and or recovery from injury or illness
Patient portal a component of an Electronic Health Records system that allows patients to communicate with their medical office electonically,to request lab results, referrals,appointmentsm and in some instances communicate with doctors via email
Teleconference a meeting held over phone lines incorporating video equipment
Reflective communication an interactioncommunication process in which the receiver uses verbal "mirroring" to restate what the slender has said for optimal clarification by all parties
Advocate someone who speaks for another person or pleads someone else's cause
Assertive confident, persistent mannerof communicating one's thoughts and ideas, in a positive manner
Etiquette conventional rules for correct behavior
Empathy sympatheticall trying to identify one's feelings with those of another
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