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review sheet 5&6

chapter 5 and 6

what does bioethics typically focus on? the ethics of life or death matters
what is the name for improving genetic qualities by means of selective breeding? Eugenics
this is called standard of proof in a civil case- Preponderance of the evidence
This is the process wherein the body of a seriously ill or a deceased individual is frozen to stop decomposition of tissue- cryonics
Medical procedures pertaining to sex reassignment of both transgender and intersexual individuals is called- Sex reassignment
Killing an individual without letting him or her suffer from pain is called- Euthanasia
Helping a terminally ill person to commit suicide- Assisted suicide
Introduction of semen into the oviduct or uterus by artificial means is called- artificial insemination
A form of defamation of character is called- libel
Document prepared by pt.'s as a statement of their medical wishes living will
This agency regulates the pharmaceutical and medical industries- FDA
This agency has broad enforcement power over the distribution of narcotics and other drugs both legal and illicit- DEA
Party's ability to legally enter into a contract is called- Capacity
This rule permits the disclosure of personal health information needed for pt. care and other important purposes- HIPAA Privacy Rule
This is called the standard of proof in a criminal case- Beyond a reasonable doubt
This clause states that laws created by Congress apply to everyone in the US- Supremacy Clause
What is human enhancement? overcoming the limitations of the body by artificial means
This agency requires employers to maintain safe working conditions and use methods that are appropriate to protect workers- OSHA
This act protects any person who provides emergency care in good faith without remuneration or expectation of remuneration- Good Samaritan Act
What is it called when the physician orders additional test that serve only a margin of clinical purpose but will serve to protect him in the event of a malpractice litigation- defense medicine
A person found guilty of this type of crime can be imprisoned for no more than one year Misdemeanor
This is the process of replacing defective genes with normal or genetically altered genes- Gene Therapy
This is the process wherein a woman agrees to carry and deliver a child for a contracted party- Surrogacy
What is psychosurgery? brain surgery carried out to ease the complication associated with mental health or behavioral problems
This is a surgical procedure in which tissue or a whole organ is transferred from one species to another- Xenotransplantation
Created by: bpstears