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legal/ethical issues, chapter 5 & 6

intitiates a lawsuit Plaintiff
punishable up to 1 yr in a count or local pen Misdemeanor
a serious crime, punishable to life or possible death. felony
a system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes the actions if its members Law
It establishes whether the plantiff can collect damages in the case of negligence. Standard of Care
the laws as established by the outcome of former cases. What type of law? Case law
a safeguard agaist possible malpractice Defensive Medicine
providing assistance to one in need, and is protected by which law/act? Good Samaritian Act
is an instruction from the pt. to all who might need to know that the pt. has empowered a rep to make health care decisions Durable power of attorney
the great weight of the evidence required in a civil lawsuit for the trier of fact to decide in favor of one side or the other. Preponderance of the evidence
the one being sued or changes are against is called what? defendant
a supreme cour ruling to be binding on state courts if involving a constitutinal issue? Supremacy Clause
Intentional torts means you are? Libel
what does OSHA mean? Occupational Saftey & Health Administration. requires employers to maintain sage working conditions
HIPAA privace Rule permits the disclosure of personal health info needed for pt. care and other important purposes
FDA Food & Drug Admistration. regualtes the pharmaceutical and medical industries
DEA Drug Enforcenment Agentcy. has broad enforcement power over the distributation of narcotics and other drugs legal and illegal
having the mental competency to make healht care decisions Capacity
medical procedures pertaining to sex reassignment of both transgendered & intersexual individuals sex reassignment therapy
A process of replacing defective genes with normal or geneticaly altered genes gene therapy
a process whereby a woman agress to carry and deliver a child for a contracted party Surrogacy
killing an individual (or animal) without making him or her suffer from pain. euthanasia
helping a terminally ill person to commit suicide assisted suicide
a dispute over the morality, ethics, effectiveness and saftey of the vaccination process Vaccination
attempts either to slow down or reverse the process of aging to maximize life span life extension
brain surgery carried out to ease the complications associated with mental or behavioral problems Psychosurgery
surgical procedurein which tissue or whole organ is transfered from one species to another xenotransplantation
a process whereby the body of a seriously ill or deceased individual is frozen to stop the decomposition of tissue cryonics
document perpared by pt.'s as a statement of their medical wishes living will
consumption of food derived from genetically modified organisms Genetically modified food
birth control using various contaceptive measures contraception
overcoming the limitations of the body by artifical means human enchancement
intoduction of semen into the oviduct or uterus by artifical means Artifical insemination
Artifical termination of pregnancy Abortion
Improving genetic qualites by means of selective breeding Eugenics
prosecution must prove that the defendent committed the act in a criminal/federal case Beyond a reasonable doubt
the study of the production of very low temp & behavior of materials at those temps cryogenics
making an exact copy Cloning
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