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M6 13-005

Exam 18: Loss, Grief and the Dying Patient (Key Terms)

Advanced directives Legal documents providing specific instructions for health care treatment in the event a person is unable to make decisions at the time they are needed.
The Patient Self Determination Act requires health care institutions to inquire whether a patient has created an Advanced Directive
Anticipatory grief To prepare oneself for the loss of a family member or loved one
Autopsy Postmortem examination performed to determine the cause of death
Bereavement Common depressed reaction to the death of a loved one
Death Cessation of life
Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) A written doctor's order that no cardio-resuscitation will be performed for a patient. A joint decision involving the patient, family and doctor
If there is not a DNR order a code must be called if the patient arrests
DNR orders do not mean withhold any other health care
Durable Power of Attorney A legal document that must be notarized and that gives one or more individuals the right to make decisions on behalf of the person
Dysfunctional grieving Unresolved grief or complicated mourning
Euthanasia An action taken deliberately with the purposes of shortening life to end suffering or to carry out the wishes of the terminally ill
Passive euthanasia Treatments withheld that may have extended the patient's life but result in death
Grief A pattern of physical and emotional responses to bereavement, separation or loss
Grief therapy Mental treatment aimed at helping a patient deal with the pain of loss; a program to assist the bereaved to cope with their loss
Grief work Adaptation process of mourning a loss
Living Will Legal document that describes in detail what medical care a person wants if they become terminally ill
Loss To no longer possess or have an object, person, or situation
Maturational loss Loss resulting from normal life transitions
Morbidity Illness or abnormal condition or quality
Mortality Condition of being subject to death
Mortician Person trained in the care of the dead
Mourning Reaction activated by a person to assist in overcoming a great personal loss
Post mortem care Care for patient's body after death
Situational loss Loss occurring suddenly in response to a specific external event
Thanatologist Person who studies death and dying
Thanatology Study of death and dying
Hospice care Hospice is a philosophy of care that provides support to patients with a terminal illness and their families
Palliative care Therapy that is not curative in nature but designed to relieve pain and distress and control symptoms of the disease
Palliative care provides nursing interventions for the following Basic needs and ADLs. Pain and symptom management. Spiritual and psychological support for the patient, family and significant others.
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