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MOT 136/ 2013

Ch. 1 MOT 136

What are the career opportunities for medical assistants? Clinics, labs, insurance, gov't agencies, Rx companies, educational institutes, surgical centers, ECK/EKG depts, phlebotomists, coding, admin assistants.
A&P, med term, diseases, law & ethics and patient education are? General courses.
Infection control,disease prevention, medical prevention, pharmacology, temp, pulse, resp rate, BP, assisting with physical exams and minor surgery, blood draws, UA & blood lab testing, CPR and first aid are? Clinical courses.
Practicum periods are beneficial because? Students are able to apply class room knowledge and skills in the real world medical setting, while gaining experience to build resumes and establish a network of support through colleagues.
What is the primary benefit of associate and bachelor degrees? Positioning in the job market, proof of commitment to education/ profession, degrees may also contribute to your growth as a provider.
CAAHEP means? Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Education Programs
What is the role of CAAHEP? Accredits MA programs that meet the standards and guidelines for Accredited Education Programs for the Medical Assistant. (Private and POSTSECONDARY institutions)
ABHES means? Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.
What is the role of ABHES? Accredits MA programs for public/private schools and colleges that primarily offer health education. The ABHS is recognized by the USDE, AAMA, AMT, NLNA and the NBSTSA.
What are the five attributes of a medical assistant? Communication, Presentation, Competency, Initiative and Integrity.
Physical attributes, empathy and attitude are all components of? Presentation.
Dependability and flexibility are components of? Competency.
Accountability and ethical behavior are components of? Integrity.
Certification is mandatory. False.
The AAMA grants an MA what credentials? The CMA (certified medical assistant).
The AMT certifies? RMAs (registered medical assistants).
What does AAMA stand for? American Association of Medical Assistants.
What year was the AAMA recognized? 1956.
Proof of compliance with continuing education is needed how often? Every three years.
Is medical assisting a licensed profession? No.
When was the CARE bill enacted? June 2012.
When was the CARE bill first introduced? March 30, 2007
Created by: rhiginbo
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