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medical office...

practice & procedures-Administrative

which organization offers the Registered Medical Assistant certification? AMT
What type of physician specializes in diagnosing disorders of the skin? Dermatologist
Name 5 tasks that are found in an administrative medical assistant's job duties: scheduling, inpatient and outpatient, creating-filing and maintain medical records
who brought together medicine, biology, botany and anatomy? Aristotle
Process by which an educational institution or program establishes its creditability by complying with predetermined standards accreditation
a person coming into an office instead of receiving medical care at home or at a hospital is called... ambulatory care
Administrative skills help manage..... the business affairs of the practice
Candidates for the CMA (AAMA) Certification Exam are allowed how long before they must sit for the exam? 90 days
On what grounds may a physician lose their license to practice medicine: murder, drug addiction, betrayal of pt. confidentiality
who was the chemist that discovered microorganisms could be destroyed by heating? Hint (milk) Louis Pasteur
who is the founder of nursing? Florence Nightengale
Who is the founder of scientific medicine? Hippocrates
Who first observed that blood in the arteries always flows away? William Harvey
What does H.I.P.A.A stand for Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act
what lowers health cost, provide for pt. info and prevent fraud and abuse? H.I.P.A.A
the assortment of skills, tools and practices that manage time during daily activities when accomplishing specific projects? Time management
What was the Romans primary contribution to medicine? disease control through sanitary means
what did Walter Reed discover? the cause of yellow fever
what was Alexis Carrel famous for? that severed arteries could be joined and again be functional
what is the name of the physician that specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders with aging? Gerontologist
to be detailed and make certain things are correct is called being accurate
to be polite and well mannered is? Courteous
to be in exact agreement with time? punctual
to act calm when things don't necessarily go as planned? patience
to be trustworthy and truthful? honesty
to show ambition? Initiative
to be reliable and responsible? Dependable
M.A's assist the doctor in the_______ of _______ administration of treatment
what are the 3 main areas of medical assisting? General skill, Administrative skills, Clinical skills
General skills are divided into 4 main categories, what are they? Communication, Legal and Ethical concepts, Instruction, Operational functions
this is an extension of the providers role of assessment, examination, diagnosis and treatment.... clinical skills
what does (CAAHEP) mean? Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs
what does (ABHES) mean Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools
what does (AMT) mean? American Medical Technologists
what was formed in 1956 and offers the Medical Assistant certification thru the American Medical Certification Association? the American Association of Medical Assistants
list 4 goals that assist you in being more efficient with your time. Make a daily list of tasks and projects that must be completed. Learn to say no to low-priority requests. Don't be a perfectionist. Stay away from bad habits.
what is an individual licensed to examine, diagnose and prescribe treatments to pt.'s? Health Care Providers
who introduced the thermometric scale and developed the mercury thermometer? Gaberiel Fahrenheit
who made the first microscope to view blood cells Anton Van Leuwenhoek
Being prudent and conscious, especially concerning speech? Confidential
showing regards for others, even in disagreement? Respectful
Being able to perceive a situation and know the right thing to say or do? tactful
being supportive to the pt., being a voice for the pt. Advocate
putting yourself in another person's shoes Empathetic
to be selflessness Altruism
the ability to adjust or make fit Adaptable
to be able the use the sense of sight visualization
a specialist of diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the kidney? Nephrologist
specialist of administering anesthic agents? Anesthesiologist
specialist of the female reproductive tract? Gynecologist
Created by: bpstears
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