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Ammunition Handling

Ammunition Handling Equipment

Standard four way wood pallet 48 x 40 SWL 4000 Lbs
MK3 MOD 0 Pallet 48x40 2 inch square SWL 4000 LBbs
MK12 MOD 1 Pallet 45.5 x 35 2.5 inch sqaures SWL 4000 Lbs
MK43 MOD 1 Weapons carrier Used with two MK49 MOD1 weapons carrier to lift MK 82 bombs
MK 49 MOD 1 Weapons carrier Lift bombs with 14 in suspension SWL 2500 Lbs
MK 51 MOD 1 weapons carrier Forward hook is adjustable form 14 to 30 inch suspension. SWL 4000 Lbs
Ammunition handling equipment is approved for use by whom? NAVSEASYSCOM or NAVAIRSYSCOM
Who controls ammunition handling equipment if it is identified by MK or Mod number designations? NAVSEASYSCOM
Who controls ammunitions handling equipment if it is identified by AERO HLK ADU or ADK? NAVAIRSYSCOM
Who authorizes the use of locally designed adapters to be used with weapons carriers? NAVAIRSYSCOM
What publication contains descriptions of shipboard armament weapons support equipment? NAVSEA OP 2173 Volume 1 and 2
Where can you find a complete listing and discriptions of approved ammunition handling equipment? NAVSEA 2173 and NA 19-100-1.1 and 1.2
How many categories of AWSE are there? Three
What are the three categories ao AWSE? ASE, LSE, WSE
Of the following SE, LSE,WSE,and ASE which is not considered AWSE? SE
What color is the color coded tubing on the MK-86 pallet sling BLACK
What handling beam is used with the MK-86 pallet sling? MK-18 Mod 0
Created by: raitt
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