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words for the Scholastic Aptitude Test

Abhor hate
Bigot narrow-minded, prejudiced person -fanatik
Counterfeit fake; false
Enfranchise give voting rights
Hamper hinder; obstruct - pengoj;veshtiresoj
Kindle to start a fire
Noxious harmful; poisonous; lethal
Placid calm; peaceful
Remuneration payment for work done
Talisman lucky charm
Abrasive rough; coarse; harsh - i bezdisshem
Bilk cheat; defraud -genjej
Covert hidden; undercover; purposefully kept secret
Engender cause; to produce; bring into existence
Hangar storage area (like garage) for a plane
Knotty complex; difficult to solve
Nuance something subtle; a fine shade of meaning; slight difference in meaning
Plagiarism taking credit for someone else's writing or ideas
Renown fame;honored; high repute; well known
Tangent going off the main subject; something that does not seem to be connected to what has gone before
Abasement humiliation; degradation; lower in position or rank
Billowing swelling; fluttering; waving- dallgezohet ex. The waves were billowing.
Cower recoil in fear or servility; shrink away from; Fear -strukem
Enhance strengthen; improve; make better or clearer
Harangue Mean , nasty , angry; noisy, attacking speech
Labyrinth a complicated network of winding passages; a maze
Nullify to counter; make unimportant; To make invalid; to repeal
plaintiff in a civil trial, the party bringing the action; petitioner (in court of law)
Replete full; abundantly provided
Tangible can be touched
Abrogate cancel; deny; repeal
Blasphemy a thought word or act that refers to God without respect or reverence;speech which offends religious sentiments
Credible believable
Enigma puzzle; mystery
Harbingers Indicators; Things/people that announce you that something is going to happen before it happens.
Labyrinthine complex, highly convoluted - e nderlikuar
Nuzzle cuddle; snuggle ; Rub or push against gently with the nose and mouth : the foal nuzzled at its mother.
Plaudit praise or respect; statement giving strong praise
Reprehensible shameful; very bad; to criticize; deserving blame, blameworthy
Tardy slow; late; overdue; delayed
Absolution Recognized that God forgive our sins; forgiveness; pardon; release
Blatant adj: obvious, very noticeable; very noisy or loud
Creditable adj. Deserving of limited praise(lavderim); sufficiently good adj. Worthy of belief
Ensconce To shelter or hide; to settle comfortably; establish firmly in a position
Hasten hurry; accelerate; rush
Laceration a cut;
Obdurate stubbornly refusing to change one's opinion or course of action
Plausible can be believed; reasonable
Reprieve an executive action that delays punishment for a crime; a respite (afat); postponement of a sentence
Tawdry Cheap quality; of little value; gaudy(i pashije)
Abstain To vote neither yes or no; desist; go without; withdraw
Blighted verb. to destroy or ruin, especially pertaining to plants ;damaged; destroyed; ruined
Credulous gullible; ready to believe anything
Enshroud cover something up The man enshrouded the gift from him girlfriend.
Haughtiness arrogance; pride
Lachrymose producing tears; sad HIs voice has a LACHRYMOSE quality more appropriate to a funeral than a class reunion.
Obfuscate v. confuse; muddle; cause confusion; make needlessly complex; deliberately make something difficult to understand
Plethora excess; an abundance; superfluous amount; surplus
Repudiate refusing to accept / validity of; shun; eschew (shmangem)
Tedium boredom; synonym for monotony (regularity, sameness)or pedestrian
Abstemious self denying; refraining from indulging; temperate (i permbajtur), sober(i matur), moderate
Blithe carefree, unconcerned; free-spirited;
Crepuscular (adj.) of or like twilight; dim 2. becoming active at twilight before sunrise, as do bats and certain insects and birds; active at dawn and dusk (agim dhe muzg)
Enunciation clear pronunciation; accent; articulation; fluency
Headstrong stubborn; willful
Lackluster dull; monotonous; bland - pa gjalleri, pa shkelqim
Objective unbiased; not subjective Goal; making decisions based on evidences
Pliable flexible; yielding; adaptable; not stubborn
Rescind retract; repeal; annul
Temper to moderate; soften; to tone down
Abstruse difficult to understand; obscure
Blunderbuss 1. ancient weapon (type of gun); 2. a clumsy person(i ngathet);
Cringe (v)to shrink back or hide in fear or submissiveness
Envenom to cause bitterness(hidherim) and bad feeling to impregnate with venom; make poisonous.
Hedonism self indulgence; pleasure-seeking the love of pleasure as a chief goal in life
Laconic using few words; brief; to the point
Oblique indirect; slanting; neither perpendicular nor parallel to a line or surface
Plumage All the feathers on a birds body- pupla
Resignation acceptance of fate the acceptance of something undesirable but inevitable
Tenacious stubborn; resolute; holding firm to a purpose
Accolade tribute; honor; praise A mark of acknowledgement
Bolster support; prop up
Cryptic puzzling; enigmatic having a hidden or ambiguous meaning, mysterious
Ephemeral lasting a short time The lives of mayflies seem EPHEMERAL to us, since the flies average life span is a matter of hours.
Hedonist a pleasure seeker someone motivated by pleasure
Lamentation expression of regret or sorrow(hidherim) The death of her parents left her in severe lamentation
Obliterate destroy; demolish; eradicate "The tidal wave obliterated several island villages."
Plummet fall suddenly and steeply
Resolution determination; the outcome of the conflict in the story
Tentative not certain; experimental in nature; hesitant
Acquiesce to agree to; give in to Although she appeared to acquiesce to her employer's suggestions, I could tell she has reservations about the changes he wanted made.
Bombast arrogant, pompous language Inflated or extravagant language, especially on unimportant subjects
Curtail cut short; to cut; shorten; to limit Sally decides to curtail her spending after she bounced a check.
Epicure Someone who appreciates good food and drink n. a person who enjoys food and drink of a high quality, often having great knowledge of the subject After mixing all of my fruits in one drink, the epicure was disgusted.
Heed listen to ;pay attention to; Listen to a warning and use it to help you do something. My dog heeds our orders.
Lampoon ridicule; spoof(shaka); to satirize (refers to a group/person/institution) "...does this sound like a lampoon of student life?".
Oblivious totally unaware/not concerned; lacking remembrance or memory;
Podium Stand used for presenting.
Resonant echoing; continuing to sound; The sounds from the bell tower were resonant throughout town.
Tenuous flimsy(jobind√ęse); not solid; Lacking density; little strength; "the tenuous link between interest rates and investment".
Created by: Arta123
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