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YN1 & EPME Study Questions

SBP Election Form CG-4700 USCG & NOAA Retired Pay Account Worksheet
CG-2426 Sent To PPC (MAS)
CSB Form CG-2426
Return of Deserter Form DD Form 616
PCS Reporting Form CG-2005
Request PRRB or BCMR Form DD Form 149
Correcting Military Records Manual COMDINST M1070.1
Military Assignments & Authorized Absences COMDINST M1000.8
Pay Manual COMDINST M7220.29B
SPO Manual PPCINST M5231.3
BAH Housing Protection Sheet CG-2025A
Report Desserter Form DD Form 553
When is a DD Form 553 Filed Normally filed on the 31st day of AWOL
Where is a DD Form 553 Sent PSC (PSD-MR)
RSBP Elecion Form CG-11221
Mutual & HUMS Requests Sent To PSC-EPM-2
SBP Annuity Payout
SBP Annuity Decreases at Age 63
SBP Annuity Amount for Qualifying Spouse & Children 55% of Base Pay
SBP Pay Up 360 Months or Age 70
CG-4700 Sent To PPC (RAS)
CG-4700 is Sent When At least 30 days prior to retirement date, original pen and ink signature
CG-11221 Sent to and When Original and five copies are mailed to PPC (RAS) within 90 days of receiving 20 year satisfactory service letter
BCMR Stands for Board for Correction of Military Records
BCMR is For Enlisted MBRs (current and former MBRs) denied SRB payments or who have exhausted other remidies.
PRRB is For A correction to a MBRs (both AD and Reserve) record within the last year.
PRRB Stands For Personnel Records Review Board
PRRB is Sent To COMDT (G-WP) Original and Five Copies
BCMR Sent To DHS Office of General Counsel for BCMR
Guide to Accessions SPO Manual Part VIII
What is Submitted with an Accession CG-2005
Waivers are For Erroneous Pay; MBR Only, Financial Hardship & Overpayments received in good faith; Enlisted and Temporary Officers
Remissions are For AD Enlisted Only; Financial Hardship or Overpayment Recieved in Good Faith
No Waiver or Remission For NJP Advanced Pay Child Support
Waiver & Remission Requests Required Within 15 Days of Notice
Underway on a 210 or Larger, Waiver & Remission Requests Required Within 60 Days
Waivers & Remissions Sent To PPC (MAS)
Waiver Requirements All Requirements Must be Met & Must be Requested Within 3 YRs of Discovery
Remission Requirements Only 1 Needs to be Met
Remission Request Form CG-5489-1
Waiver Request Form CG-5489-2
Financial Hardship Form CG-5489B
Collection During Waiver Reqest Period Collection Will NOT be suspended Durng Request Period
Collection During Remission Reqest Period Collection is Suspended on CO Signature Date *If NOT Determined by Retirement or Separation Date, Amount Will be Collected From Final Paycheck
Checklist For Waiver & Remission is Found PPPM
When to Start Paperwork for CSB When Notified By PPC (MAS) 6 Months Prior to 15 YR Anniversary Date
CSB Lump and Payment Periods Lump Sum or 1st Installment Within 3 Months of 15 YR Anniversary Each Supplemental Installment is Received Each January
CSB Elected 20 YR Retirement 20 YRs AD is 40% High Three
CSB Elected 30 YR Retirement 30 YRs AD is 50% High Three
5 CSB Pament Options 1: $30K 2: $15K 3: $10K 4: $7,500 5: $6K
Each CSB Payment is Taxed At 28%
CG-4910 Stands For Report of Offense & Disposition
Following Mast the 4910 Original is Kept in Unit Punishment Log For 4 Years From the Date of the Mast
Mast Memo Created to Document Information from Mast to Execute the Punishment at the Unit
NJP Checklist PPPM CH. 10
NJP Transactions Found In SPO Manual Part III
NJP Segments 50, 51, 58
UA For Less Than 24 HRs Unit Responsible, Consiered an Absentee until 24 HRs
UA For 10 Days Notify Next of Kin
UA At the Time of Sailing Complete P&D-5 Immediately & Send to PSC-PSD-MR *If Deploy is Scheduled For More Than 10 Days, Transfer MBR to SPO TDY
Officer UA CO Must Notify CG-PSC (OPM)
Confinement Less Than 90 Days MBR is Sent TDY to Facility
Confinement More Than 90 Days PCS MBR o PPC Topeka, KS Mail SPO PDR Medical Record is Sent to Assigned Brig Fax Memorandum to PPC (PERS) Immediately
Apellate Leave Issues Handled at PPC
Court Memorandum Reported Date/Action Date Reported Date-Date of the CM Action Date-14 Days After CM
Discharged During Confinement Record Transfered to Original Unit For Disharge Processing
Jumps Segments For UA, Deserter & Confinement 51, 57, 70
PATFORSWA Patrol Forces Southwest Asia
ASQ Annual Screening Questionaire 01 AUG-31 OCT
Reserve Applicant Billet Worksheet CG-1697
What Stops on 31st Day of Confinement SGLI
Reserve Officers Must Accrue a Minimum of ____ Retirement Points Annually to Remain in Active Status 50 Retirement Points
Unsatisfactory Participation For Reservist 9 Unexcused Absences
SELRES Satisfactory Participation 60 Drills Annually
IRR CAT-E Minimum AT Unpaid Days 30 Days
AT Waiver Shall Not Be Granted 2 Years in a Row Without Approval of District RFRS Staff
Unsatisfactory Participation Counseling Performance Section
Types of Reserve 3 SELRES IRR RET
Criteria For HUMS 7 Steps Found in M1000.8
RCSBP Full Name Reserve Component Survisor Benifit Plan
RE Code For No Reserve RE4
AT 1st Year Approval Waiver Approved by Unit CO
HUMS E-Resume ___ to 9 Months Prior to Discharge 6
NJP Disciplinary Action Page Print, File in Sec 2 of SPO PDR Copy to PSC-PSD-MR
Non-Disability Retirement 2 Types Ret-1 Ret-2
RET-1 Retired WITH Pay
RET-2 Retired Awaiting Pay Until Age 60
What Manual Lists Offenses UCMJ
SDAP Taxes Taxable Income But Not Subject to FICA Tax
Starting SDAP Starts on Authorized Date, But Cannot be Retroactively Paid
SDAP During TDY Paid Through the 90th Day
SDAP Stops The Day Prior to the Date of Departure (Last Day At the Unit)
SDAP Rates 5 Catagories SD-1: $75 SD-2: $150 SD-3: $225 SD-4: $300 SD-5: $375 (Each Catagory Adds $75)
Responsibility Pay is for? Commanding Officers Afloat
Responsibility Pay Rates O4 & Below: $50 O5: $100 O6: $150
What Goes in Block 21a or 21b of 1351-2 When Filing Final PCS Final PCS, AO Not Available
Is TLE Authorized For Last PCS No
MBR to MBR TLE Each Are Authorized
TLA is Authorized For How Many Days Not More Than 60 Normally, But Can be Extended
Can a Member be Reimbursed TLA When GOV Quarters Were Available Yes, But Not to Exceed the GOV Lodging Cost
When Does TLA Start The Day the MBR is Eligible & Receiving COLA
When Departing PDS, How Long Does One Have TLA 10 Days Prior to Departing
ACIP is For Rated/Designated Officers
Officers Not Qualifed for Aviation Service but Perform Regular/Frequent Aerial Flights Are Not Entitled to ACIP, but May be Entitled to HDIP at the $150 Rate
ACIP Grace Period 3 Month Grace Period With Full 12 HRs Flown in Last Month
ACIP Excess Flght Time May Be Applied Against Later Months
Continuous ACIP 9-11 Years of Operational Flight Duy
PBP&E Professional Books, Papers & Equipment
Max Years a Regular MBR Can Re-Enlist For 6 Years
Max Years a Reserve Can Re-Enlist For 8 Years
Is a Physical Exam Required When Re-Enlisting After 24 Hrs Release Yes
As of What Date Are Indefinite Contracts No Longer Authorized 1 DEC 2011
When Can a MBR Re-Enlist Beyond 30 YRs AD While Serving on An Indefinite Contract E-9's Assigned as "Gold Badge" CMC or RMC
Can a Reservist Reenlistment Be Extended Yes, 60 Days By the District Commander
Do Officers Receive BAG-DMR While Attached to a Ship No, They Are Required to Pay Cash For Meals Obtained
Are Reservists Entitled to FSA-T Yes, When On AD For More Than 30 Days & Less Than 181 Days
FSA-R Social Visits No Longer Than 90 Days
FSA-S Social Visits No Longer Than 30 Days
Order Issuing Authority For Retirement Orders PSC-EPM & PSC-OPM
A Regular Commissioned Officer is Turing 62, When is Their Retirement Date 1st Day of the 1st Month Following Turning 62
RILO Retire In Lieu of Executing Orders
Immediate Separation 4 Working Days
Priority Separation 15 Working Days
3 Worksheets Completed 60 Days Prior to Regular Separation CG-2045 CIW CG-2000 Dep/Sep CG-2003 PCS Entitlements Worksheet
How Many Discharge Types Are There 5 Honorable Other Than Honorable General Bad Conduct Dishonorable
When Can a Bad Conduct Discharge Be Issued Only As a Result of an Approved Sentnce of Court-Martial
CG-2045 Block 5D CIW, CO Signature
Waiver Approval Over $10,000 Final Approval Through the Department of Hearing & Appeals
How Long Does it Take PPC to Pay Out a Bonus Within 30 Days
SRB Formula SRB Multiple X Monthly Base Pay X Months of Newly Obligated Service ___________________________________________ 12
When is a MBR Authoized to Reenlist For SRB Purposes 6 Yr 10 Yr 14 Yr Anniversaries
Accelerated SRB Payment Early Payment of SRB Installment Prior to Anniverary Date, in the Same FY Can be Approved by Commandng Officers
Who Approves Lump Sum SRB Payments CG-1221
When Are Unearned Bonus Payments Recouped When MBR is Unable or Refuses to Perform Duties of Their Rating An Injury From Their Own Misconduct
When 02 Forfeitures Are Enforced The Second Starts the Following Day After the First is Stopped
CSEAPAY is For Who? E-1 to O-6
How to Stop CSEAPAY & Premium Automatically Stops the Date of PCS Departure
Who is Entitled to CSEAPAY Premium E-4 to E-9 & Authorized Officers
When Does CSEAPAY Premium Start 37th Consecutive Month of CSEAPAY
CSEAPAY Premium Rate Payable $100
When Does CSPP Stop When CSP Stops CSPP Automatically Stops
Authority for Frocking COMDT
EER Schedule E-1 & E-2: Jan & JUL E-3: Feb & Aug E-4: Mar & Sep E-5: Apr & Oct E-6: May & Nov E-7: Sept E-8: Nov E-9: June Reservist only once per year (first month in each rank)
OER Schedule O-1/ENS: Mar O-2/LTJG: Jul O-3/LT: May O-4/LCDR: Apr O-5/CDR: Mar O-6/CAPT: Apr
TDY Milages (2014 Rate) Car: $0.56 Motorcycle: $0.53 Plane: $1.31
PCS MALT Rate (2014) $0.235
PSC EPM-1 Advancements & Separations
PSC EPM-2 Assignments
Created by: ashleycoker
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