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BUMEDINST 6230.15 Immunization and Chemoprophylaxis

Immunizations given at an interval shorter than the recommended interval may not provide adequate immune response and should not be counted as part of a primary series, unless? Part of “catchup” schedules accepted by the CDC
Once an immunization series has been started, complete it, unless? A medical contraindication exists or the person is no longer susceptible or likely to be exposed to pathogen in question.
In general, to minimize injection-site discomfort not more than how many injections will be given on the same day? Not more than 5 vaccine injections on the same day.
After receiving live vaccines how long should you wait before receiving additional live-vaccines if they cannot be given the same day? 4 weeks/28 days
The five injection threshold should only be exceeded in cases when? When the vaccine recipient is deploying beyond the reach of deployable medical resources.
Where do you document hypersensitivity to any vaccine? On an SF 600, PHS 731, and DD 2766
What is PHS 731? International Certificate of Vaccine
What are the two types of exemptions? Medical and administrative.
How long may temporary exemptions be? Up to 365 days.
Separation exemptions may be awarded if the member is within how many days of separation or retirement? Within 180 days.
The ACIP general recommendations suggest that persons be observed for how long after being immunized? 15 to 20 minutes
Aviation personnel will typically be grounded for how long after receiving immunizations? 12 hours
What is the grounding requirements for Air Force Aircrew who receive JEV? 3 days after first dose, 5 days after second dose and 3 days after third dose.
What adverse events must health care personnel report? Hospitalization, life-threatening even, more than 24 hours of duty loss, vaccine vial suspected contamination, or event warranting permanent medical exemption.
Copies of the VAERS should be submitted within how many days of the adverse event? Within 7 days.
What is DD 2365? DOD Civilian Employee Overseas Emergency Essential Position Agreement
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