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Manuals, Publication

Manuals, Publications, and Instructions

If you want additional copies of a publication what form would you use to order it on? DD Form 1348
What Standard Subject Identification Code (SSIC) is assigned to ordnance? 8000-8999
Aviation armament and ordnance accessories are detailed in what series of NAVIAR manuals? 11
What NAVAIR major category/series designation number is assigned to ordnance manuals? 11 Series
What NAVAIR major category/series designation number is assigned to electronics manuals? 16 Series
What NAVAIR major category/series designation number is assigned to ground support equipment manuals? 19 Series
What type of publication describes mandatory changes or modifications to a specific item of armament equipment? AAC (Aircraft Armament Change)
What Publication lists manuals stocked at the Naval Publications and Forms Center? NAVSUP 2002
A list of all Navy technical manuals, forms,and NAVAIR Technical Directives (TDs) is contained in what publication? NAVSUP 2002
An IPB for specific aircraft is identified by which of the following NAVAIR numbers- 01-6JKD-503, 01-85ADF-4, 01-245FDA-1, or 01-85SGG-509? 01-85ADF-4
For information on the corrosion control program and corrosion theory you would look in what technical manual? NA 01-1A-509 Volume I
What technical manual provides information on materials and procedures to prevent, control, and repair corrosion damage to aircraft on land or at sea? NA 01-1A-509 Volume II
If you find corrosion on a LAU-7 guided missile launcher power supply and wanted to treat it, what publications would you go to? (New) NA 01-1A-509 Volume III (Old) NA 16-01-540
The treatment on corrosion on avionics components is contained in what publication? (New) NA 01-1A-509 Volume III (Old) NA- 16-01-540
What is the purpose of Volume IV NA1-1A-509 Cleaning and Corrosion Control Manual? To provide ordering information for consumable materials and equipment used to prevent, prevent, and repair corrosion damage to aircraft AND avionics.
What technical manual provides ordering information for consumable materials and equipment used to prevent, control, and repair corrosion damage to avionics? NA 01-1A-509 Volume V
To determine requirements for control of corosion in SE, instructions are provided in what NAVAIR manual? NA 17-1-125
Support equipment preservation is performed in accordance with what publication? NA 19-01-500
What publication prescribes the requirements and regulations for ammunition afloat? NAVSEA OP 4
What publication prescribes the requirements and regulations for ammunition ashore? NAVSEA OP 5
What volume of the OP 5 provides information about the safe handling and storage of ammunition and explosives at advanced naval bases? Volume 3
What publication provides Navy traffic managers/supervisors with information on the regulations and procedures that govern the transportation and safe handling of hazardous materials and explosives? (New) NAVSEA SW020-AG-SAF-010 (Also known as the Navy Transportation Handbook) (Old) NAVSEA OP 2165
What publication provides information on the general loading and unloading procedures for motor vehicles and rail cars? (New) NAVSEA SW020-AG-SAF-010 (Also known as the Navy Transportation Handbook) (Old) NAVSEA OP 2165
For a complete list and description of approved handling equipment for ordnance, refer to what publication? (NAVSEA and NAVAIR publication number) NAVSEA OP 2173 Volume 1&2 NA 19-100-1.1 & 1.2
What publication describes all pyrotechnic, screening, marking and countermeasures currently available and authorized for fleet use (NAVSEA and NAVAIR publication number)? NAVSEA SWO 50-AB-MAA-010 / NA 11-15-7
What publication contains descriptions of shipboard armament weapons support equipment? NAVSEA OP 2173 Volume 1 & 2 NA 19-100-1.1 & 1.2
What publication contains instructions and regulations that pertain to Navy explosive drivers? (New) NAVSEA SW020-AF-HBK-010 (Old) NAVSEA OP 2239
What publication is a compilation of all ordnance safety precautions with which all naval personnel should be familiar? (New) NAVSEA SW020-AD-SAF-010 - April 2005 (Old) NAVSEA OP 3347 In 2005 the NAVSEA SW020-AD-SAF-010 replaced the NAVSEA OP 3347 and OP 1014
To what publication would you refer if you were preparing lectures on general ordnance safety? (New) NAVSEA SW020-AD-SAF-010 - April 2005 (Old) NAVSEA OP 3347
What publication contains information on the origins and necessities of Navy ordnance safety precautions? (New) NAVSEA SW020-AD-SAF-010 - April 2005 (Old) NAVSEA OP 1014
What publication supplies data on HERO and the hazards of RF, LASER, and ionizing radiation (NAVSEA and NAVAIR pub number)? NAVSEA OP 3565/NAVAIR 16-1-529
What publication provides a Stocklist of Navy Ammunition? (New) NAVSUP p803 (Old) NAVSEA TWO-010-AA-ORD-010 and NAVAIR 11-1-116A
What publication provides the Navy Ammunition Logistics Codes (NALCs)? (New) NAVSUP p802 (Old) TWO-010-AA-ORD-030/NAVAIR 11-1-116B
What is the NAVSUP P801 (New) and TW024-AA-ORD-010 (Old)? Unserviceable, Suspended and Limited Use Ammunition - Notice of Ammunition Reclassification (NAR Manual)
What publication describes and illustrates aircraft general purpose bombs, practice bombs, fuzes and associated components? NAVAIR 11-5A-17
What publication provides information about conventional ordnance stockpile management? NAVSUP P724
To keep up with current fuzes, you should refer to what manual? NAVAIR 11-1F-2
Personnel who use loading manuals, checklists and Stores Reliability Cards (SRCs) should verify they are using the latest edition by checking it against what index? NAVAIR 01-700
Information in loading manuals must not be construed as the authority to load any weapon for flight, what manual must be consulted for this authorization? Applicable aircraft NATOPS/Tactical Manual
What publication contains the authority to load various types of ordnance on a particular model of aircraft? The aircraft's NATOPS Flight/Tactical Manual
During a loading evolution it is discovered that there is a conflict in loading procedures between the loading manual and the checklist, which take precedence? The publication with the most current date shall take precedence. Do this by checking the "A" page or verifying both against th NA 01-700
What information is contained in section III of the airborne weapons/stores loading manual? Configuration data
What information is contained in section V of the airborne weapons/stores loading manual? Common procedures
What publication would you refer to for information on the assembly of bombs? NA 11-140-5
To what publication would you refer for information on the assembly of missiles? NA 11-140-6 series
What information is contained in section V of the NA 11-140-5 Airborne Weapons Assembly Manual? Common procedures
What is section 3 of the Weapons Assembly Manual? Configurations
What section of the Airborne Weapons Assembly Manual contains information on support equipment configurations that are authorized for bomb assembly and pre-loaded accessory suspension equipment? Section 3
Weapons loading checklists are published under the direction of what command? NAVAIR
Conventional weapons loading checklists are abbreviations of the procedures found in what manual? Airborne Weapons/Stores Loading Manual
What item contains abbreviated procedures for aircraft loading in high tempo operations? Checklists
In extreme situations what is allowed to be used in place of the loading manual or checklist? Stores Reliability Cards (SRCs)
Stores Reliability Cards are abbreviations of procedures found in what? Airborne Weapons/Stores Checklists
Although both checklists and SRCs are approved, their use must be authorized by whom? Type Commander (TYCOM)
What facility has technical responsibility for loading manuals and checklists? NAVAIRSYSCOM
What publication contains information on arming and safing signals? CV NATOPS NA 00-80T-105 (This information is also contained in the T/M/S loading manual, NA 00-80T-103 Conventional Weapons Handling Ashore and NA 00 80T-113 Aircraft Signals NATOPS)
The NA 00-80T-105 CV NATOPS manual is issued by whom? CNO
To emphasize safety precautions by using signs throughout the ship, signs may be obtained as cog 1 material through what publication? NAVSUP Pub 2002, Navy Stocklist of Forms and Publications
What is the NA 00-80T-105? CV NATOPS
What instruction is used as the basis for conducting investigations involving safety? OPNAVISNT 5102.1
Which of the following NAVAIR publications contains the group assembly parts list? IBP (Illustrated Parts Breakdown)
A Rapid Action Change (RAC) is issued for what reason? To expedite the issue of urgent safety information
To report incorrect information in a publication, you should use which of the following documents? Technical Manual Deficiency/Evaluation Report (TMDER) via Naval message or NAVGRAM (Depending on the severity or impact on safety of the incorrect information - this applies to NAVSEA pubs, NAVAIR pubs use TPDRs using the OPNAV 4790/66)
What OPNAVINST provides policies and guidelines for aviation safety for operations ashore and afloat? OPNAVINST 3750.6
Detailed information on the operation, testing, and troubleshooting of the gunnery system for a particular aircraft is provided in what publication? The Maintenance Instructions Manual (MIMs)
What form is used to report technical manual errors? Technical Publication Deficiency Report (TPDR) OPNAV 4790/66 for NAVAIR Manuals Technical Manual Deficiency/Evaluation Report (TMDER) for NAVSEA manuals
For information about the Naval Ordnance Maintenance Management Program you would refer to what instruction/publication? OPNAVINST 8000.16
What manual provides a single-source reference for cook off characteristics and summarizes the current available data for in-service Naval air-launched weapons? NA 00-80R-114 U.S. Navy Aircraft Firefighting and Rescue Manual
For information on general aircraft hand signals you refer to what manual? NA 00-80T-113 Aircraft Signals NATOPS
What manual contains detailed information on handling, fueling, launching,recovering aircraft and weapons handling aboard CV (N) class ships? NA 00-80T-120 CV Flight/Hanger Deck NATOPS Manual
Whatmanualcontains infoandproceduresfor support and controlof aircraft,weapons handling,and includes relationships, responsibilities,trainingrequirements,and selected normalandemergencyproceduresfor conducting flight ops onandin the vicinity ofthe CV(N)? NAVAIR 00-80T-105 CV NATOPS Manual
What manual contains detailed information and procedures for the handling aviation fuels and includes information on loading ordnance while fueling? NA 00-80T-109 Aircraft Refueling NATOPS Manual
What manual contains information and procedures for support and control of aircraft, weapons, handling, and includes relationships, responsibilities, training requirements, and selected normal and emergency procedures on LHA/LHD class ships? NAVAIR 00-80T-106 LHA/LHD NATOPS Manual
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