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Assignment 2

The history of rockets covers a span of what total number of centuries?
Acceleration and deceleration apply to rocket fuzes that use gear timing devise in conjunction with what principle?
What initiating device ignites the propellant grain of a rocket?
A rocket misfire that later fires from delayed ignition is known by which of the following terms?
A situation in which a rocket does NOT fire when the firing circuit is energized is known by which of the following terms?
What component of a rocket contains the propellant,igniter,and nozzle?
The solid fuel used in a rocket motor is known by which of the following terms?
What term applies to a safety feature designed into a fuze with a gear timing device?
The gases produced when a rocket motor propellant burns create what type of force?
Rockets are propelled by what means?
Presently all rocket motor tubes are made from what material?
With a venturi nozzle design, the gas pressure inside a rocket motor provides approximately what percentage of the force required to move the container forward?
A complete round of service rocket ammunition consists of which of the components?
Which of the following rocket components is/are a part of the motor?
An internal burning, star perforation, double base, solid propellant is contained in which of the following rocket motors?
To restrict or control burning, inhibitors are used on what areas of the propellant grain?
If inhibitors were NOT used on rocket motors that use propellant grain, what action would occur?
The igniter is in what location on a 2.75-inch motor?
Inhibitors cause the propellant grain to burn in which of the following directions?
What rocket component prevents an unstable burning of the propellant grain?
What rocket component ensures that the propellant grain ignites simultaneously forward and aft?
The igniter in a 5.0-inch rocket motor contains what total number of squibs?
A Mk 66 nozzle assembly consists of all EXCEPT which of the following items?
When NOT installed in a launcher, what device holds the spring-loaded fins of a Mk 71 rocket motor in the closed position?
Rocket warheads are classified in which of the following ways?
Information pertaining to specific rocket components is contained in which of the following NAVAIR manuals?
When required, base fuzes are assembled in high-explosive warheads at which of the following locations?
HE-FRAG warheads are used against which of the following targets?
A warhead designated WDU-4A/A is of (a) what type and (b) fits what diameter rocket?
What type of HE-FRAGwarhead is used with a 5.0-inch rocket?
The Mk 34 Mod 0 is what type of warhead?
What type of warhead combines the effectiveness of HE-FRAG and HEAT warheads?
What is the only anti-personnel warhead currently in use?
What type of warhead is a compromise between the armor-piercing and fragmentation designs?
What are the two primary classifications of rocket fuzes?
AMk 193 Mod 0 is installed in whatwarhead?
A rocket fuze that functions after the rocket strikes the target with enough resistance to cause crushing or disarrangement of actuating parts is known as what type of fuze?
An impact-firing fuze is located in what part of a warhead?
Which of the following fuzes contains a clock mechanism?
What type of rocket fuze is used in the base of a WDU-4A/A flechette warhead?
What type of rocket fuze has an electronics package in the forward end?
A2.75-inch rocket assembly can be carried and launched from which of the following launcher packages?
A low-speed, folding-fin aircraft rocket can NOT be ripple fired for which of the following reasons?
All 2.75-inch rockets may be shipped in which of the following configurations?
What NAVAIR publication provides authorized assemblies, safety precautions, and restrictions for airborne rockets?
What 5.0-inch rocket motor has one motor for all launch speed applications?
All 5.0-inch rockets should be received through the supply system in which of the following configurations?
Aircraft rocket launchers are classified in which of the following ways?
For detailed information on the LAU-61 and LAU-68 series rocket launchers, you should refer to which of the following NAVAIR publications?
The LAU-10 series rocket launcher has which of the following types of suspensions?
The frangible fairings on rocket launchers are made of what material?
What component permits preflight selection of either ripple or single firing of rockets from an aircraft rocket launcher?
What component of a rocket launcher is used to prevent loaded rockets from being fired?
When rocket launchers are loaded, the detent pin should be installed in the breaker switch at which of the following times?
When the mode selector switch in a 19-shot pod is in the single-fire position, what total number of rockets are fired by the intervalometer for each firing pulse it receives?
In the LAU-10 series, rocket launcher, what component retains the rocket motor in the launching tubes during shipping, handling, and flight?
The rocket motor is retained in a launcher tube by what means?
What authority may authorize the disassembly or alteration of rocket components?
When a rocket is fired from the LAU-10 series launcher, what force causes the detent pawl to release from the rocket detent groove?
Rocket motors should be stowed in the same manner as which of the following powders or explosives?
A rocket motor should NOT be used if it has been dropped more than what prescribed number of feet?
When, if ever, should you attempt to remove the base fuze from a rocket warhead?
Fuzes and warheads should be disposed of if they are dropped onto a hard surface more than what prescribed number of feet?
When, if ever, should a loaded rocket launcher be electrically tested?
A minimum distance, as indicated on the unit, must be maintained between a gas turbine exhaust path and the rocket assemblies upon which the exhaust impinges. In the absence of specific information on the unit, what minimum distance must be maintained?
If for any reason you think a fuze is armed, which of the following procedures should you follow?
Ready-service stowage of assembled rockets is authorized for the 2.75-inch and 5.0-inch aircraft rockets according to which of the following publications?
In an ammunition loading area, smoking should NOT be permitted within what prescribed number of feet?
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