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Stufflet Unit 1 Euro

Unit 1 Euro

Renaissance an intellectual and cultural “re-birth” from 1350-1600
Georgio Vasari The Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects; Saw his era as directly related to ancient Greece and Rome, NOT to “Dark Ages”
Petrarch Renaissance intellectual that created term "Dark Ages"
Medici ruling family of Florence
Renaissance individualism Stressed personality, uniqueness, genius, full development of one’s talents, quest for glory
Renaissance humanism studied classics to understand human nature and uniqueness of humans
Renaissance secularism dominant ideals shifted toward “here and now” (often acquisition of material things)
Mannerism Artistic style of distorted figures, confusing themes
On the Dignity of Man Pico della Mirandola; man is special because God made him in His image
The Courtier Castiglione; Ideal man is multi-lingual, educated in humanities, skilled in arts (a “Renaissance man”)
Donation of Constantine Lorenzo Valla; used textual criticism to show Roman emperor did NOT turn western Roman empire over to pope in 4th century
On Pleasure Lorenzo Valla; sensual pleasure highest good
The Prince Machiavelli; How a ruler should gain, maintain, and increase POWER
Chiaroscuro Use of contrasts between light and dark to create three dimensional figures
Single point perspective All elements in painting converge on single point in distance to create depth and realism
The Last Supper Leonardo da Vinci
Movable type each letter was carved and re-arranged; perfected by Johann Gutenberg, Johann Fust, Peter Schoeffer
In Praise of Folly Erasmus of Rotterdam; Criticized Church, said it had moved away from its original ideas
Utopia Thomas More; Described perfect world where everyone was educated in classics and property did not exist; said key to reform was to reform things (property) that made people bad
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