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Smart Phrases

.ascr PCP to associate diagnosis, route to PCP.
.bocr Backordered medication - change to alternative, route to PharmD.
.c2cr C2 substance, route to PCP.
.cccr C2 fax to long term care, route to PCP.
.chcr Pharmacy request differs from med list, route to PCP.
.close Empty esm, no med reordered, close encounter.
.concr PRR did not confirm pharmacy.
.dcr Refill denied.
.deacr Must approve or deny per DEA. Route to PCP.
.dupcr Duplicate request in chart.
.dxcodecr Diagnosis code request .
.earcr Early C2 request. More than 72 hours early.
.ecr Approved and electronically sent.
.edcr Emergency dispensed med for LTC.
.emdupcr Mychart duplicate denial email.
.emcr Mychart email. Refill sent to pharmacy.
.em2cr Mychart email. Rx already at pharmacy with refills.
.empcpcr Mychart email. Temporarily denied. Under PCP review.
.eqcr Equivalent med. Route to PharmD.
.facc Forwarding to anti coag clinic.
.fcr Faxed to pharmacy.
.fovcr Future office visit scheduled.
.fricr C2 refill on friday due to weekend.
.hcr Hold scheduled med.
.holcr Fill Rx early due to holiday.
.jcr Last fill date.
.l3cr Last 3 fill dates.
.le30cr 30 day sent, labs due but ordered. letter sent
.lcr 30 day sent, PCP order labs if needed. Route back to send letter.
.llcr Labs due, ordered, advise on another letter.
.ldcr Labs due, 90 day supply req. Route back to send service letter.
.lecr Labs due, letter sent, PCP advise on another 30 day supply.
.letcr Letter mailed.
.ltccr LTC scheduled med.
.ltc2cr LTC C2 request, manually fax.
.mccr Migration error, different in both databases.
.mcr Migration error, not in epic.
.mcscr C2 migration error, different in both databases.
.mocr Mail order fax in clinic
.mscr Migration error, scheduled med not in epic.
.nomcr Not on med list. If epic removed route to PharmD. Person removed route to PCP with no protocol.
.nopcr Not out provider.
.novcr No office visit
.odcr Labs 18 months or more overdue.
.pdovcr PharmD override, allergy, duplicate med.
.pchcr Patient request differs from med list
.pcpcr PCP review requested.
.pcpmed PCP med, not in epic. Antifungal, antibiotic..
.pdcr PharmD review requested.
.pdmed PharmD medication.
.ppcr Pharmacy last dispensed.
.procr Provider refill only.
.sigcr Sig update to current dosing.
.sm2cr Scheduled med, no contract or limitation.
.smcr Scheduled med, contract or limitation.
.smecr Scheduled med (?).
.smed Scheduled med protocol.
.smo2cr Scheduled med mail order no contract.
.smocr Scheduled med mail order contract.
.tcr Telephoned to pharmacy.
.tech Tech med, mostly diabetic supplies (not drugs).
.testosteronetransdermal Testosterone protocol
.methyltestosterone Testosterone protocol
.clarpharmlmcr Called pt to request pharmacy info, left message.
.clarpharmcr Called pt to request pharmacy info, Patient answered.
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