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7-31 repro

What functions do the testis have? Endocrine and exocrine
What are the endocrine functions of the testis? Sperm is made by the seminiferous tubules; includes epididymis and vas deferens
What main hormone does the testis excrete? Testosterone
Deep to superficial, what are the four layers that cover the testes? Tunica albuginea, visceral tunica vaginalis, parietal tunica vaginalis, scrotum
What glad is posterior and inferior to the bladder? Seminal gland
What surrounds the urethra? Corpus spongiosum
What is an ampulla? Dilation near the terminal end of a duct
What sphincter is inferior to the bladder? Internal urethral sphincter
Is the internal urethral sphincter involuntary or voluntary? Involuntary
What is the external urethral sphincter near? Perineal membrane
What is the sperm pathway? Testis, epididymis, ductus deferens, ampulla of ductus deferens, ejaculatory duct, prostatic urethra, membranous urethra, spongy urethra
What part of the epididymis continues on as the ductus deferens? Tail
What is the cremaster muscle a continuation of? Internal oblique muscle
What is the testicular nerve a branch of? Genitofemoral
What nerve goes through the canal but isn't in the spermatic cord? Ilioinguinal nerve
Is erection parasympathetic or sympathetic? Parasympathetic
Is ejaculation parasympathetic or sympathetic? Sympathetic
What is the main accessory gland in males? Testes
What two tubes form the ejaculatory duct? Ductus deferens and seminiferous tubules
What do the seminal vesicles empty into? Ejaculatory duct
What is semen made of? Sperm and secretions
What percent of semen do seminal vesicles produce? 60%
What do the secretions from the seminal vescles contain? Fibrinogen
What is fibrinogen for? Keeping everything together
What two main nutrients are in the semen? Fructose and citric acid
What percent of semen does the prostate gland produce? 30%
Why are the secretions from the prostate gland basic? Vagina is very acidic
Why does the prostate gland secrete fibrinolysin? Breaks down fibrinogen once in vagina to release the sperm
When does the bulbourethral gland secretion the mucous? Just before ejaculation
Where do the secretions from the bulbourethral glands drain? Spongy urethra
What is semen emission? Discharge of all the secretions into the urethra
What causes ejaculation? Peristalsis
Where does fertilization of the oocyte occur? Ampulla of fallopian tube
When does the fertilized oocyte implant on the uterine wall? 5 days after fertilization
What takes the egg from the ovary to the fallopian tube to the uterus? Fimbriae
What is the uterus covered by? Peritoneum
Is the ovary covered by peritoneum? No
What three things does the ovary produce? Egg, progesterone, estrogene
When do ectopic pregnancies usually rupture? 8 weeks
What is the vesico-uterine pouch between? Bladder and uterus
Where do eggs go if the fimbriae don't catch them? Recto-uterine pouch
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