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7-30 pelvis, viscera

What is the greater pelvis also called? False pelvis
What is the lesser pelvis also called? True pelvis
What age does the pelvis fuse? 25
What is the diaphragm made of? Levator ani and coccygeus
What three muscles make up the levator ani? Puborectalis, pubococcygeus, iliococcygeus
What is the pelvic inlet? The opening of the pelvic cavity on top
What is the pelvic outlet? The opening of the pelvic cavity on the bottom
What muscle originates at the ASIS? Sartorius
What muscle originates at the AIIS? Rectus femoris
Compare the male and female pelvic subpubic angle Females- greater angle; wider; lighter Males- steeper angle; heavier
Compare the greater pelvis of both Females- shallow Males- deep
Compare the lesser pelvis of both Females- wide and shallow Males- narrow and deep, tapering
Compare the pelvic inlet Females- Oval and rounded; wide Males- heart-shaped and narrow
Compare the pelvic outlet Females- comparatively large Males- comparatively small
Compare the obturator foramen Females- oval Males- round
Compare the acetabulum Females- small Males- large
What is fused at the lumbosacral joint? L5 and the sacrum
What ligaments are found at the sacro-iliac joint? Sacro-iliac ligaments
Where does the pevlic diaphragm attach? Pelvic diaphragm
What are the three common areas for kidney stones? Where the ureter comes out of the pelvis, where the ureter goes into the bladder, where the ureter goes over the iliac vessels
What are the three parts of the male urethra? Prostatic, membraneous, and spongy
What male organ enlarges with age? Prostate
What happens when the prostate enlarges? Increased urination
What is the female bladder posterior to? And what is the order for the other organs? Bladder is posterior to the pubic symphysis then bladder then rectum
What tube takes the egg from the ovaries to the uterus? Uterine/fallopian tube or ova duct
What are characteristics of the bladder? Flat, ureters come into base, trigone- muscles come together
Where is the detrusor muscle found? Muscular ridge of the bladder
What is the inferior perineal membrane called? Superficial perineal pouch
What is the superior perineal membrane called? Deep perineal pouch
What comes in the posterior bladder? Vas deferns
Where does the superior rectal vein drain? Into the hepatic portal vein; *hemorrhoids*
Where does the inferior rectal vein drain? IVC
What anal sphincter is involuntary? Internal
What anal sphincter is voluntary? External
Where does the ductus deferens go through? Deep inguinal ring
What are the three anterior branches of the internal iliac? Obliterated umbilical artery, obturator artery, internal pudendal artery
What artery goes through the greater and lesser sciatic foramen? Internal pudendal artery
What are the three posterior branches of the internal iliac? Inferior guteal artery, lateral sacral artery, iliolumbar artery
Where is the vaginal artery at in relation to the ureter? Vaginal artery is inferior
What is the continuation of the internal iliac? Inferior gluteal
What are the two ligament attaching to the ovaries? Suspensory and ovarian
What is commonly clamped during hysterectomies? Ureter
What nerves make up the sciatic? L4-S3
What muscle had nerves running on top of it? Piriformis
What nerves make up the pelvic splanchnic? S2-S4
Is the pelvic splanchnic parasympathetic or sympathetic? Parasympathetic
What nerve innervates external genitalia? Pudendal nerve
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