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7-29 post abdominal

What major vessel is usually on the right side? IVC
What major vessel is usually on the left side? Abdominal aorta
Where does the left gonadal vein drain? Left renal vein
What is the diaphragm mostly used for and why? Inspiration; expiration is mostly passive
What is the main part of the diaphragm that moves? Central tendon
What is associated with the median arcuate ligament? Aorta
What is associated with the medial arcuate ligament? Psoas major
What is associated with the lateral arcuate ligament? Quadrates lumborum
What are the superior phrenic arteries a branch of? Aorta
Where are the internal thoracic arteries and veins found and what do they bifurcate into? Found on both sides of the sternum; bifurcates into musculophrenic and superior epigastric
What fascia invests the posterior abdominal muscles? Thoracolumbar fascia
Where are kidney surgeries usually done and why? Posterior to avoid anterior structures
What muscles flex the hip? Psoas minor and major
Where does the aorta bifurcate? L4
What three unilateral branches come off the anterior part of the aorta? Celiac, SMA, IMA
What structures do the lymphatics follow? Large vessels
Where does the lymph drain? Cisterna chyli
What does the subcostal nerve (T12) supply? External oblique and skin of anterolateral abdominal wall
What does the iliohypogastric (L1) supply? Abdominal muscles and skin of the inguinal and pubic regions
What does the ilioinguinal (L1) supply? Abdominal muscles and skin of the inguinal and pubic regions
What does the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh (L2, L3) supply? Skin of anterolateral surface of the thigh
What doees the femoral (L2-L4) supply? Anterior thigh muscles and iliacus
Where does the genitofemoral (L1, L2) run? Along the psoas major
What does the obturator (L2-L4) supply? Medial thigh muscles
What two nerves can be one nerve until they get to the anterior abdominal wall? Iliohypogastric and ilioinguinal nerves
What does the genitofemoral nerve split into? Genito and femoral branches
What does the gentio branch control? Cremasteric reflex
What nerve fibers stop secretions? Stop secretions
Is the greater splanchnic nerve sympathetic or parasympathetic? Sympathetic
What occurs at the celiac ganglion? Synapse
What types of fibers are at the celiac ganglion? Postsynaptic sympathetic
What spinal nerves make up the pelvic splanchnic nerve? S2-S4
What type of nerve is the pelvic splanchnic? Parasympathetic
Where are the parasympathetic ganglia found? On top of the organs
What is the pelvic diaphragm? Muscular ridge separating pelvic cavity from perineum
What is the innermost levator ani muscle? Puborectalis
What three muscles make up the levator ani? Puborectalis, pubococcygeus, iliococcygeus
What is the site of muscle emergence? Site of perineal body
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