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SAT Vocabulary Day 8

Vocabulary Stack

Recant to retract a statement or opinion
Extrapolate to predict on the basis of existing data; extended
Indiscriminate without though; random; careless
Licentious immoral, unrestrained by society
Oscillate to swing back an forth like a pendulum, to waver between opposite opinions
Multifarious having many aspects
Irreverence lack of respect
Nefarious infamous
Spurious lacking authenticity, counterfeit, false
Agnostic unsure of the existence of god
Ameliorate to make better, to relieve
Vitriolic burning, caustic, sharp, bitter
Insolence lack of respect; rudeness
Proponents supporters
Condone to tolerate
Inconspicuous not easily seen
Sanctity holiness
Seditious causing division or rebellion
Barrage bombardment; stream (of abuse etc.)
Slipshod careless; untidy
Egregious conspicuously bad
Sophistry devious logic
Paradigm an outstandingly clear of typical example
Subversive intending to overthrow
Tenacious holding firmly to idea or purpose
Volatile 1. evaporates easily, 2. easily angered; emotional
Ersatz being an artificial and inferior substitute or information
Arboreal living in trees
Cacophony noisy; din
Congenial friendly; sociable; suitable
Euphemism an inoffensive expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive
Tenet a principle, belief or doctrine that is accepted by members of a group
Matriculate to enroll as a member of a college or university
Dyspeptic suffering from indigestion, gloomy and irritable
Perfidious faithless, disloyal, trustworthy
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