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SAT Vocabulary Day 7

Vocabulary Stack

Fastidious very fussy; excessively concerned (esp. about cleanliness)
Exhort to urge or incite by strong appeals
Bilious ill-tempered, sickly, ailing
Holistic whole; entire
Toady one who flatters in hope of getting favors
Infelicity unsuitability; inappropriate
Inchoate only partially in existence, imperfectly formed
Polarized divided into two extremes
Propensity tendency; leaning' predilection
Intermittent on and off; not continuous
Quell to suppress
Regressive moving backwards
Foible minor weakness or character flaw
Presumptive presumed
Exigent urgent, demanding
Sermonized gave moral lecture
Corollary consequence; inference
Steadfastness loyalty; firmness of purpose
Abject miserable, pitiful
Vacillate to waver; hesitate
Vindication proving right
Integrity honor, honesty
Vindictive seeking revenge
Adroit skillful
Arcane obscure; known only to few people
Incipient beginning to exist or appear; in the beginning stages
Byzantine excessive; decadent
Interlocutor one who takes part in conversation
Acumen sharpness of mind
Impecunious poor, having no money
Effacement wiping out
Belittlers people who criticize/disparage
Anachronistic out of normal time range
Effluvia waste, odorous fumes given by waste
Insuperable incapable of being surmounted or overcome
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