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7-24 ant abdominal

What muscles form the rectus sheath? Obliques
What muscle works against lordosis? Rectus abdominis
What artery is found deep to the ribs? Internal thoracic artery
What arteries are branches of the internal thoracic artery? Musculophrenic and superior epigastric arteries
What artery is a branch of the external iliac artery? Inferior epigastric artery
What artery is a branch of the femoral artery? Superficial epigastric artery
What arteries are deep to the rectus abdominis? Superior and inferior epigastric arteries
What did the medial fold used to contain? Umbilical artery
What fold doesn't contribute to the belly button? Lateral fold
What vessels does the lateral fold contain? Inferior epigastric artery and vein
What forms the medial border of the inguinal triangle? Rectus abdominis
What forms the lateral border of the inguinal triangle? Inferior epigastric artery/vien
What forms the inferior border of the inguinal triangle? Inguinal ligament
Why are hernias common in the inguinal triangle? There's only transversalis fascia
What is formed by the external oblique aponeurosis? Inguinal ligament
What muscle pulls the testes up and what is the reflex called? Cremaster; cremasteric reflex
In males and females respectively what goes through the inguinal canal? Males- spermatic cord Females- round ligament of uterus
What drains urine out of the bladder in utero and which fold is it found in? Urachus; median fold
How do structures go from the abdominal cavity to the inguinal canal? Deep inguinal ring
What artery and vein goes through the inguinal canal? Testicular artery and vein
Where do males usually get hernias? Inguinal
Where do females usually get hernias? Femoral
What nerve runs with the spermatic cord? Ilioinguinal nerve
Where is the inguinal canal found? Between the deep and superficial inguinal rings
What fascia is an extension of the external abdominal oblique aponeurosis? External spermatic fascia
What aids in the descent of the testes? Gubernaculum
What covers the epididymis and testes? Visceral tunica vaginalis
What lines the internal spermatic fascia? Parietal tunica vaginalis
What is the pampiniform venous plexus used for? Thermal regulation
Why do the veins create a plexus in the testes? Arteries give off heat for the veins to bring back to keep the testes cool
What do the seminiferous tubules do? Make sperm
What connects the seminiferous tubules wit the epididymis? Rete testis
Characteristics of direct inguinal hernias Medial to epigastric vessels; superficial ring;
Characteristics of indirect inguinal hernias Lateral to epigastric vessels; both rings; damages spermatic cord
Created by: beranml