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M6 13-005

Exam 16: Intro to Musculoskeletal System (Key Terms)

Ankylosis fixation of a joint, usually in an abnormal position resulting from destruction of cartilage or bone
Arthrocentesis puncture of a joint with a needle to withdraw fluid used for diagnostic purposes.
Bipolar hip replacement prosthetic implant used to replace the femoral head and neck in hip fractures when the vascular supply to the femoral head is or may become compromised.
Blanching test a test of the rate of capillary refill.
Callus bony deposits formed between and around the broken ends of a fractured bone during healing.
Colles' fracture a fracture of the distal portion of the radius within 1 inch of the wrist.
Crepitus sounds that represent the grating noise heard when rubbing hair between fingers. It is associated with broken bones.
Fibromyalgia a musculoskeletal chronic pain syndrome of unknown etiology that causes pain in the muscles, bones or joints.
Kyphosis an abnormal condition of the vertebral column, characterized by increased convexity in the curvature of the thoracic spine, causing a “hump-back” appearance.
Lordosis an increase in the curve at the lumbar space region that throws the shoulders back.
Open reduction with internal fixation a surgical procedure allowing fracture alignment under direct visualization while using various internal fixation devices applied to the bone.
Paresthesia any subjective sensation, such as prickling "pins and needles" or feeling of numbness.
Scoliosis curvature of the spine usually consisting of two curves; the original abnormal curve and a compensatory curve in the opposite direction. This results in an "S" shaped appearance
Sequestrum a fragment of necrotic bone that is partially or entirely detached from the adjacent healthy bone.
Subluxation temporary, partial or incomplete dislocation that involves stretching the joint capsule
Volkmann's contracture a permanent contracture of the hand. Clawhand appearance with flexion of the wrist and fingers, and forearm atrophy, related to compartment syndrome
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