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7-22 spinal cord/nn

How many spinal nerves are there and how many in each section? 31 total; 8 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 5 sacral, 1 coccygeal
Where does the first spinal nerve start? Above C1
Where do the rest of the nerves start? After their corresponding vertebrea
What is the spinal cord an extension of? Medulla oblongata
What is the spinal cord made of? White and gray matter
Where does the spinal cord end? L2
What is the name where the spinal cord ends? Conus medullaris
What is the name for the small nerves? Cauda equina
What is the filum terminale? Terminal portion of the spinal cord; extension of pia mater
What does the filum terminale anchor the spinal cord to? Coccyx
What impulses do the posterior and anterior horns carry? Posterior- sensory Anterior- motor
What impulses do spinal nerves carry? Mixed
What are the white and gray matter comprised of? White- axons Gray- cell bodies
Where do impulses carried by the white matter go? Thalamus
Are anterior or posterior horns larger? Anterior
What is the thick layer of the meninges? Dura mater
What is between each nerve and is an extension of pia mater? Denticulate ligaments
What is the subarachnoid space continuous with? Subarachnoid space in the brain
What does the subarachnoid space have in it? CSF
Characteristics of denticulate ligaments Tiny, fragile, anchors spinal cord laterally
What layer of the meninges is adhered to the spinal cord? Pia mater
What do rootlets form? Roots
Are spinal ganglion motor or sensory? Sensory
What is a collection of nerve cell bodies outside the CNS? Spinal ganglion
What do anterior and posterior roots form? Spinal nerve (mixed)
What are intercostal nerves a continuation of? Dorsal primary rami (mixed)
What rami are likely to form plexuses? Anterior
What type of nerves are everything distal to spinal nerves? Mixed
How many posterior spinal arteries are there? Two
What does the anterior spinal artery come from? Vertebral artery
What arteries run with the roots and rootlets? Segmental medullary arteries
What arteries don't reach the spinal arteries? Anterior radicular arteries
What artery connects to anterior and posterior spinal arteries? Anterior segmental medullary arteries
What do the spinal arteries supply and what do they help with? Superior 1/3 of spinal cord; collateral circulation
What does the great anterior segmental medullary artery supply and what does it help with? Inferior 2/3 of spinal cord; collateral circulation
What artery is commonly clotted? Great anterior segmental medullary artery
What is a skeletal muscle myotome? Group of muscles innervated by a single spinal nerve
What is a skin dermatome? Section of skin innervated by a single spinal nerve
Where are lumbar punctures done? Subarachnoid space; L3-L4
What layer of the meninges do lumbar punctures go through? Dura mater
Where does the spinal cord end? L2
What doesn't form when someone has spina bifida? Vertebral arch
Created by: beranml