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LOM ch 17

Hordeolum (stye) focal inflammatory infections of sebaceous gland of the eyelid
Epilepsy chronic brain disorder
Hyperopia (farsightedness) eyeball is short, near vision is impaired
Myopia (nearsightedness) eyeball is long, distant objects are blurry
Astigmatism defective curvature of cornea or lens
Presbycusis progressive hearing loss associated with aging
Audiologist specialist in measurement of hearing function
Circle of Willis branches from the circle of Willis are reach in blood supply and supply blood to all portions
Herniated Disk also known as a ruptured disk or slipped disk...rupture of the nucleus pulposus through the annular wall of the disk and into the spinal canal
Brain Tumor abnormal growth of the brain tissue and meninges
Cornea colorless transparent structure on the front of the eye...extends like a dome over the pupil and iris
Vitreous humor jellylike fluid which helps maintain the globular shape of the eyeball
Paraplegia loss of nerve function below waist and paralysis of lower trunk and legs
Hemiplegia paralysis of right or left half of the body
Parkinson's Disease neurologic disorder characterized by the onset of recognizable disturbances (eg. tremor of the thumb, forefinger, muscular rigidity, slowness of movement, postural instability)
Amblyopia lazy eye
Accommodation the process whereby the eyes make adjustments for seeing objects at various distances
Presbyopia lessening of vision associated with again
Audiologist specialist in the measurement of hearing function
Tinnitus ringing, buzzing, or roaring sound in the ears
Vertigo sense of whirling, dizziness, and the loss of balance
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