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ANS drugs.


Hemicholinium Stops Ach synthesis... by blocking re uptake of choline
Vesamicol Prevents storage of Ach
Botulinus toxin blocks release of Ach
Latrotoxin Causes explosive release of Ach
Physostigmine inhibits Ach metabolism
Muscarine Activation of the postsynaptic receptor binding(muscuranic)
Atropine Blockade of the postsynaptic receptor binding(muscuranic)
Nicotine Activation of the postsynaptic receptor binding(nicotinic)
Mecamylamine Blockade of the postsynaptic receptor binding(nicotinic- neuronal)
Tubocurarine Blockade of the postsynaptic receptor binding(nicotinic- muscular)
Where are nicotinic neuronal found? Ganglionic neurons, adrenal medulla, some presynaptic cholinergic terminals, CNS neurons.
Where are nicotinic muscular found? Skeletal neuromuscular endplates.
Where are M1 Receptors found? Ganglionic neurons, some presynaptic terminals, CNS neurons.
Where are M2 Receptors found? Myocardium, presynaptic terminals, ganglionic neurons, some smooth muscle, CNS neurons.
Where are M3 Receptors found? Smooth muscle, exocrine glands, vascular endothelium, CNS neurons.
Metyrosine Blocks NE synthesis
Reserpine Prevents storage OF ne
Guanethidine Prevent the release of NE
Tyramine Amphetamine Promote release of NE
Cocaine, Tricyclic antidepressants Inhibit reuptake of NE
MAO inhibitors inhibit NE metabolism
Epinephrine Alpha-1 and Alpha-2 receptor binding receptor activation
Prazosin Alpha-1 receptor binding receptor block
Yohimbine Alpha-2 receptor binding receptor block
Dobutamine Beta-1 receptor binding receptor activation
Metoprolol Beta-1 receptor binding receptor blockade
Albuterol Beta-2 receptor binding activation
Butoxamine Beta-2 receptor binding block
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