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Medical Event Reports

BUMEDINST 6220.12A Medical Event Reports applies to who? All ships, stations and units providing outpatient or inpatient medical care
What instruction includes monitoring of the Electronic Surveillance System for the Early Notification of Community-Based Epidemics (ESSENCE)? BUMEDINST 6220.12 Medical Event Reporting
Why are MER’s required for select diseases and injuries? Due to their potential to compromise operational readiness, present hazards, result in quarantine, or generate inquiries.
A successful medical surveillance program depends on what? Regular monitoring of trends and early notification of suspected or confirmed medical events.
ESSENCE monitoring responsibilities should be assigned to a minimum of how many MTF staff? Two
ESSENCE monitoring shall occur how often? At least once each routine workday.
Who should be contacted to control disease outbreaks or to investigate unusual health related conditions? Regional NEPMU (Navy Environmental and Preventative Medicine Unit)
Who evaluates the Navy’s event surveillance program effectiveness annually? NMCPHC (Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center’s)
Who publishes quarterly MER analyses that examine Navy and Marine Corps disease trends? NMCPHC (Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center’s)
Who shall submit an MER? The medical department of the command with primary responsibility for the health of the affected individual.
What is defined as the occurrence, in a community or region, of cases of an illness or other health-related events in excess of normal expectancy? An outbreak
For commands that do not have adequate internet access what should be used to report MER’s? The Medical Event Reporting module in SAMS.
Files submitted through SAMS should be uploaded how often? Weekly
All MER’s sent via message traffic must be identified by what report control symbol? NAVMED 6220-3 in the subject line
Routine MER’s must be submitted within how many days of diagnoses? 30 days
Report all suspected outbreaks as soon as possible and within how many hours? 24 hours
How many reports should be submitted for clusters of individually reportable diagnoses? One outbreak report
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