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RMA Review - Chpt 19

Administration of Medication

Common route for the administrationof parenteral medications Injection
A prefilled syringe is also known as a Cartridge
Muscle commonly used for intramuscular (IM) injections in the infant Vastus lateralis
Most appropriate needle gauge for a subcutaneous injection 25
Which injection method should be chosen for medications that are irritating or may cause discoloration of the skin Z-track
Medication applied in patch form is called Transdermal
the needle gauges usually used for intravenous (IV) injections are 20-21
Most appropriate angle of injection to ensure accurate results of a Mantoux test 15 degrees
A drug combined with an oil base, resulting in a semisolid preparation, is a(n) Ointment
The doctor has ordered a dose of medicine to be 300 mg, but the medicine is available only in 50 mg tablets. What is the correct does? 6 tablets
The doctor has ordered 120 mg of a drug that comes only in 30 mg tablets. How many tablets constitutes a does? 4 tablets
The metric system employs a uniform scale based on powers of 10
A physician orders ranitidine (Zantac) 300 mg. If the drug is available in 150 mg tablets, how many tabs should be given to the patient? 2 tablets
Which drug administration route is the most appropriate for a patient who has nausea and vomiting? Rectal
A physician prescribes 10 mL of a liquid suspension for a pediatric patient. How many teaspoons should the patients parents administer? 2 tsp
The most commonly used size of insulin syringe is the 100 unit
The angle of insertion for intradermal (ID) injection is 15 degrees
Which needle gauges is used for the Mantoux test? 26-27
the physician asks you to convert 30 grains of medication into the metric system. Which represents an accurate conversion? 2 grams
The last vaccination for rabies must be scheduled no later than how long after the first vaccination? 4 weeks
A major complication of a deep intramuscular injection into the dorsogluteal region is injury to which structure? Sciatic nerve
How many injections of the hepatitis B vaccine should be given to a patient after exposure to the disease? 3
Which vaccine is recommended to be administered yearly? Influenza
A single order that is administered immediately and usually written for emergencies is known as STAT order
A suppository must be inserted about 2 inches above the internal anal sphincter
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