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SAT Vocabulary Day 2

Vocabulary Stack

Lament (noun) express regret over something
Dissident (noun) disagreeing with an established religious or political system
Macabre (adjective) having death as a subject, dwelling on the gruesome
Laconic (adjective) using very few words
Milieu (noun) environment; surroundings
Recidivism (noun) tendency to relapse into past behavior, especially criminal behavior
Nascent (adjective) just begun; in an early stage of development
Nostalgia (noun) longing for the past
Ossified (verb) become fixed and rigid, turn into bony tissue
Ostentatious (adjective) showy
Mawkish (adjective) sickeningly sentimental
Pastoral (adjective) 1. concerned with countryside, 2. concerned with the care a pastor gives to someone
Pedestrian (adjective) boring ; (noun) person who walks
Perfidy (noun) treachery; betrayal
Purveyor (noun) one who sells something or causes something to spread
Resonance (noun) echo
Recapitulate (verb) to review by brief summary
Resurgence (noun) revival
Sparse (adjective) thin; not thick
Stringent (adjective) strict
Succumbing (verb) giving in to; falling under the influence
Congruity (noun) correspondance, harmony, agreement
Compunction (noun) feeling of uneasiness caused by guilt or regret
Baleful (adjective) harmful, with evil intentions
Supercilious (adjective) arrogant
Tenacity (noun) firmness of purpose
Transcend (verb) go beyond a limit
Variegated (adjective) multicolored
Viable (adjective) workable; able to live or grow
Profligacy (noun) wasteful and immoral behavior
Visceral (adjective) concerned with the 'guts'; physical rather than mental
Autonomy (noun) self-government
Circuitous (adjective) indirect, roundabout
Blanched (verb) turned pale
Bucolic (adjective) concerned with the countryside and farming
Callous (adjective) cruel and unfeeling
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