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Food Basics14 (CSCA)

CSCA - Game

CELERIAC Root of celery. Cultivated for the root. Used as an aromatic.
CEPES French – Cèpes, Italian – A wild mushroom, pale brown in color, with a smooth meaty texture. They have a pungent, woodsy flavor. Caps can range from 1 – 10 inches in diameter. Often dried in this country.
CUMBERLAND SAUCE A fruit based sauce usually used on game meats such as venison, or lamb and ham. Common ingredients include red currants or cowberries, port or wine, mustard, pepper, orange, ginger and vinegar.
HIGH The point when a game bird, while hanging, begins to decompose “ripen” and is ready to be plucked.
JAVELINA Ancestor of the wild pig.
MARINADE A flavored liquid, often with an acid, used to tenderize, add flavor, and retard bacterial growth.
NOISETTE A small round steak, usually lamb or mutton cut from a rib or loin. Also, a small round slice of beef fillet or ‘eye’ of a venison cutlet.
RED-NECKED PHEASANT A native Northeast Pheasant.
SALMIS A classic preparation of Pheasant. Pheasant or other game bird is partially roasted, de-boned then the carcass is sued to make sauce.
VENISON Refers to large game animals including dear, elk, moose, reindeer, and antelope & caribou.
WILD RICE Not a rice, but a grass seed of a reed-like aquatic plant. Has long slender grains with a dark brown to black color. Cultivated in the U.S. in California, Idaho and Washington.
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